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The Honor of the De Boors


Begin the quest by talking to Derek the Merchant outside Trinsic Royal Bank. He tells a tale of his family falling on hard times and that he foolishly pawned the family’s ancient shield. He asks you help in retrieving the shield. To do so he needs some jewels. 10 diamonds, 10 rubies and 10 emeralds. Mark these items as ‘quest items’ using your character’s context menu.

Derek will ask you to take the jewels to Jack the loan shark, who can be found at Trinsic dock. If you accept this second part of the quest the jewels will be returned to you in a round bag.
Take the jewels to Jack the Loan Shark, he will give you the shield which you must then take back to Derek


Derek will thank you for your help and reward you with the only thing of value he has left, the goblet of celebration