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Know Thy Humility

NOTE: The quest requires a donation to the library, which in itself requires that the character has completed The Library Donation Quest.
Begin the quest chain by talking to Gareth, The Emissary of the RBC. He represents a group of citizens who wish to ‘rejuvenate interest in the Kingdom’s noble heritage’, he believes the way to do that is through the virtues and has set a number of tasks for those who ‘would follow a truly humble path’. Your first task is to answer some questions (randomly chosen from the following list).

Note: An incorrect answer will prevent further progress, there is a 24 hour delay before you may try again

  • Finish this truism: “Humility shows us…”
  • What is the symbol of humility?
  • By name, which den of evil challenges one’s humility?
  • Which city embodies the need for Humility?
  • What is the color of Humility?
  • How doth one find Humility?
  • What opposes Humility?

Click the link at the bottom of the page to find the answers.

Gareth’s next task for you is to contribute to the collections. You will need to do each of these separately, returning the item claimed to Gareth each time, marking it as a quest item.



From the Museum,

The Shepherd’s Crook of Humility



From the Zoo,

The For the Life of Britannia Sash



From the Library,

The ‘For the Special Printing of Virtue, by Lord British’ book

Gareth now gives you a grey cloak and a brass ring. He commands you to seek out 7 people scattered through the land. Each has an item, and each wants an item. It is your task to find each of the seven the item he or she wants. One of them will want the ring you are given, and will give you an item in exchange. The final step will be obtaining the iron chain from Sean the Blacksmith.

To complete this task you must wear the cloak, the npc’s will hail you as you approach wearing it. Without it they will ignore you and can not be interacted with.

The npc’s wander within their towns, but each will be found close to the area portrayed in the following images. For example Maribel will always be found in the area of Britain that contains the bank, she will not cross to East Britain and she will not go through the gateways to North Britain.


Maribel the Waitress, Britain, Trammel Dierdre The Beggar, Britain, Felucca
maribel dierdre
Jason the Healer, Skara Brae, Trammel Walton the Horse Breeder, Skara Brae, Felucca
jason walton
Kevin the Butcher, Minoc, Trammel Sean the Blacksmith, Minoc, Felucca
kevin sean
Nelson The Shepherd, New Haven

Mark the iron chain as a quest item using your character’s context menu and return to Gareth. He will offer you a reward for completing the task, a shield. However those who have true humility need no reward for the tasks and therefore you should reject this offer if you accept the shield the quest is over, the cloak can not be obtained. Having refused the shield Gareth tells you to keep the grey cloak and to meditate at the shrine of Humility. This is found on Fire Island, far to the west of Daemon Temple.

cloak cloak