Virtue Quests – Sacrifice

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A Ghost of Covetous

Begin the quest chain by talking to Ben the Apprentice Necromancer in The Barnacle, a tavern at the far north edge of Minoc. His master, Griswalt has discovered a ghost in Covetous and has told Ben to collect it in a spirit bottle, however he’s too timid to undertake the task and asks you to do it for him.
You will find the ghost of Frederic Smithson in the mountain pass between Covetous level 1 and level 2 The ghost smashes the spirit bottle and instead asks for your help. His father is gravely ill and only a bandage made from spider silk will save him. Frederic has the silk, but fell foul of the poison of the spider while collecting it. He asks you to deliver it to Leon the Alchemist in Vesper Note: This section is timed
frederick Leon
Take the spider silk to Vesper, where you will find Leon in the Healer’s.Leon will take the silk from you and give you a bandage, take this back to Minoc, where you will find Frederic’s father, Andros the Blacksmith in the shop ‘Warriors Battle Gear’
Andros thanks you for your help, but mourns the loss of his son. He gives you the smith hammer, ‘Andros’ Gratitude’.