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The Deep in underworld is a paved corridor, as you approach it ‘You are filled with a sense of dread and impending doom’. However help is at hand, in the room nearby is a ‘golden compass’ which will guide you through this maze.


Double click the compass to receive a copy that you may borrow for a short time (7200 second timer)

puzzle_compass  puzzle_compass
With the compass safely in your pack, step onto the first row of tiles
‘The compass’ arrows flicker. You must be near the right location’.
Walk carefully along it until the compass shows you the first step of
your journey.


Proceed with caution, one step at a time. A wrong step has unfortunate

  • Searing heat scorches thy skin
  • A speeding Rock hits you on the head
  • You are pinned down by the weight of the boulder
  • Pain lances through thee from a sharp metal blade

As you proceed the compass will show you the way forward, and the way

When the forward arrow disappears, and only the way back is shown, you
have reached your destination. Step forward once more and make your way
to the room on your right.




puzzle_boardDouble clicking the box in the center of the room awards you with a puzzle board.

It will expire in 1800 seconds. Double click the puzzle board to begin solving the puzzle.

The puzzle requires you to move the pegs in the left hand panel to match those in the right hand panel.  Command Functions indicates the number of moves in which you must achieve this result. Cancel will re-set the board to its starting point. Log out will close the puzzle. To move pegs, click on the black dot between the two crosses in the far left panel to select the row you wish to move. the crosses will become one up and one down arrow.

Below is the solution to just one of the possible puzzles.



Step  1- move the 3rd row up


Step  2 – move the 4th row up


Step 3 – move the 3rd row up


Step 4 – move the 4th row down


Step 5 – move the 1st row up


Step 6 – move the 2nd row down

When the two panels match click ‘apply’. You will receive the message ‘Correct Code Entered, Crystal Lock Disengaged’ and the prize will appear in your pack.

The puzzle can only be completed once per day. On completion of the puzzle use the compass again to negotiate your way back through the maze. Once clear of the maze you will be able to cast recall or sacred journey to leave the dungeon.

Possible Prizes

  • 30 Void Essence
  • 30 Silver Serpent Venom
  • 30 Scouring Toxin
  • 30 Toxic Venom Sac
  • Lucky Coin
  • Totem Pole
  • Large Square Pillow
  • Large Diamond Pillow
  • Dusty Pillow
  • Statue Pedestal
  • Floured Bread Board
  • Kneading Bowl

Pictures of the decorative items can be found here