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The Spring Décor Collection is a set of house decorations that are no longer purchasable from Origin store, however as the token was included in the Japanese “Starter Kit” some tokens can still be found that were transferred to other shards.

spring-scope Surveyor’s Scope
Functions as a house placement tool
spring-mongbat Mongbat Dartboard
Functions as a normal dartboard, ie equip a dagger and doubleclick the target.
spring-catstatue Blessed Statue
produces a small quantity of a random magery reagent once per day

Carved Wooden Screen
spring-pillow Throw Pillow spring-brazier Dragon Brazier
Functions as a light source
double click to turn on and off.
spring-map Navigator’s World Map
Can be used to plot ship courses
spring-basket Basket of Herbs

  • Gives a 10% increase to the Cooking skill
  • when used by a character whose account owns the home
  • Lasts until the player leaves their home
  • (does not allow you to exceed 100 cooking skill)
spring-shochu Shochu
magically transforms any beverage poured into it into Shochu
spring-sextant Mariner’s Brass Sextant
Functions as a sextant
spring-chest Heartwood Chest
an identical chest can be made by carpenters using Heartwood
spring-table Low Yew Table
An identical table can be made by carpenters using Yew Wood