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Cards of Semidar are collectible cards that showcase one of Britannia’s many legends card-semidar.  There is a chance that a card may be obtained when unwrapping a chocolate nutcracker crafted by a cook, or found in a hidden Regal Box in the Kotl City. Later cards were added during the Shattered Obelisk Event, December 2017 and Krampus Encounter, December 2018


When the card is double clicked  a beautiful picture of the legend will be displayed.

The legends available from chocolate nutcrackers include,

  • Dupre the Paladin
  • Nystul the Mage
  • Shamino Sallé Dacil
  • Juo’nar the Lich

dupre semidar-nystul shamino semidar-juonar

Additional cards found in Regal boxes include.

  • Professor Elliot Rafkin
  • Minax the Enchantress

semidar-rafkin semidar-minax

Shattered Obelisk Cards

  • Hydros
  • Lithos
  • Pyros
  • Stratos


Krampus Encounter