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The jewelry box is one of a number of items that can be claimed from the gift token, December 2017. This item must be locked down and secure in a house and allows up to 500 items to be stored; it occupies only one house lockdown, regardless of the quantity of items stored within.

The box may contain:

  • Rings, human and gargoyle
  • Bracelets, human and gargoyle
  • Earrings, human and gargoyle
  • Necklaces, human and gargoyle
  • Talismans

All types of jewelry can be stored, including those having very old properties such as spell reflection, teleportation, invisibility charges etc.

To fill the jewel box you will need to have the items in your backpack, or a container within your pack. Double click the jewelry box to open a menu similar to that found in a Bulk Order Book, click on the ‘add jewelry’ button and target the item or container. The contents will auto-arrange in the order shown in the image below and can be filtered to display only the required item type, as can be seen from the image.

To add items from a container in a single action there must be only valid items in it, an incorrect item such as a hat, glasses, weapon or armor piece will cause the operation to stall. To remove items from the jewelry box, a single click on the item required will move it to your backpack.