The Potted Coffee Plant

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An addition to the Horn of Plenty for 2014 is a potted coffee plant. The plant grows in stages, each day at server up until it has matured.

Coffee_seedling Day 1
coffee_growing Day 2
coffee_grownDay 3
coffee_matureDay 4

On the 4th day the plant produces a coffee pod, which can be picked. It will continue to produce one pod per day thereafter. There are two types of coffee pods, both of which stack with like pods.

coffee_pod coffee_pod2

When used in conjunction with a grinder grinder the coffee pods produce ‘coffee grounds’.

A new section of the cooking menu, beverages, allows these coffee grounds, when the cook is close to a ‘steam powered beverage machine’ to produce a mug of coffee.


Both the grinder and the beverage machine were Holiday gifts for December 2014.