Decorative Room Sets

Decorative ‘room’ sets available at a cost of 1,200 sovereigns each from Ultima store.

The Decorative Kitchen Set

Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams? Now you too can live the life of Britannia’s most famous Chefs! Enjoy the warming fire of a wood burning stove, the convenience of an indoor wash basin, cabinets for your baked goods and dishware, a butcher block, and additional countertops to complete the look! Customize even further as all included items take dye from furniture, natural, and promotional dyes!

This set consists of:

  • pie safe
  • china cabinet
  • wood stove
  • wash basin
  • Butcher Block
  • 4 countertops

The pie safe and china cabinet can be opened to display a graphic of pies and dishes, these are both containers. The woodstove is a fire source for chefs and alchemists, activate the animation by double clicking. The wash basin, which is 3 tiles wide, is a water source once it has been filled with water from a pitcher, this action also turns on the animation.

The Decorative Farm Set

If your dream is to work the land and become a farmer, the decorative farm set is for you

This set consists of:

  • Wishing well
    • Functions as a water source when locked down in a house
  • Tool Rack
  • Feeding Trough
  • Plough
  • Butter Churn
  • Magic Milk Pail
    • Produces a glass of milk when locked down in a house

The Decorative Stable Set

set consists of:

  • 1 x Cow Statue
    • Gives the owner 2 cuts of raw ribs once per day when locked down in a house
    • Can be dyed with a furniture dyetub
  • 1 x Horse Statue
    • Plays a horse sound effect when used
  • 1 x Chicken Statue
    • Gives the owner 2 eggs once per day when locked down in a house
  • 1 x Metal Tub
    • Functions similar to a water barrel
  • 1 x Feed Bag
    • Decorative feed bags that partially hue with the furniture dyetub
  • 1 x Cow Patty
    • Plays a sound effect when approaching
  • Fencing
    • Each Set Contains,
      • 1 x Corner Piece
      • 9 x East Facing Pieces
      • 9 x South Facing Pieces
      • 1 x NW Corner Piece
      • 1 x SE Corner Piece
      • 2 x S Gates
      • 2 x E Gates
      • 1 x Arch


The Decorative Dungeon Set

If your taste in decor leans towards ‘gruesome’ this set may be for you.

The set consists of a number of decorative dungeon themed items including:

  • 1 decorative dungeon wall hook
  • 1 decorative dungeon chair
  • 1 decorative dungeon stool
  • 1 decorative dungeon stocks
  • 1 decorative dungeon mask
  • 1 decorative dungeon fountain
  • 1 decorative dungeon bull

Can be dyed with normal, furniture, plant, pigment, and promo dyes.

The Decorative Mage Set

For a perfect Magician’s home

This set consists of:

  • 2 decorative mage thrones
  • 1 decorative mage’s bookstand
  • 2 decorative specimen shelves
  • 1 decorative mage’s crystal ball
  • 1 decorative mage’s rug