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Reward titles are shown on the paper doll suffix or the overhead display, both overhead name and subtitle. The available list varies for each location.

Paperdoll suffix reward titles come from city loyalty, declared citizenship and purchased titles.

Overhead name titles also can show city loyalty, or if the character has been copied to test center it can show the character’s shard (eg [name] of Atlantic)

Overhead subtitle choices, again include town loyalty choices and any reward title obtained through events.

Possible sources of subtitles are:

  • The Community Collections
    • Britain Public Library Contributor
    • Britannia Zoo Contributor
    • Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Distinguished Library Contributor
    • Distinguished Britannia Zoo Contributor
    • Distinguished Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Honored Library Contributor
    • Honored Britannia Zoo Contributor
    • Honored Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Prominent Library Contributor
    • Prominent Britannia Zoo Contributor
    • Prominent Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Eminent Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Eminent Britannia Zoo Contributor
    • Eminent Vesper Museum Contributor
    • Royal Subject of the Britannia Zoo
  • Trader Quests
    • Trader – Deliver 1 trade order to the City Trade Minister
    • Exporter – Deliver 25 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
    • Broker – Deliver 50 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
    • Tycoon – Deliver 100 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
    • Magnate – Deliver 150 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
    • Smuggler – Deliver 50 trade orders to Slim the Fence
  • The Huntmaster’s Challenge
    • Huntmaster’s Champion
  • Completing Shadowguard
    • Destroyer of the Time rift
  • Ownership of one of the two Abyss Houses
    • Warden of the Abyss (Ter Mur)
    • Ranger of the Abyss (Underworld)
  • The Valley of One quest
    • Dinosaur Hunter
  • The Tournament of Champions (2002 & 2011)
    • Grandmaster Duelist
    • Master Duelist
  • The Halloween event ‘Treasures of Doom
    • The Atoned
    • Defender of the Living
    • Preserver of the Faith
  • The BMV Ararat Exploring the Deep Quest Chain
    • Salvager of the Deep
  • The Pursuit quest included in the Slime Invasion event of December 2008.
    • Slime Hunter
  • PvP Arenas
    • Fledgling  Gladiator
    • Budding Gladiator
    • Gladiator
    • Well-Known Gladiator
    • Veteran Gladiator.