Publish 111

Test Center Release 2 –  09/10/2021

TC Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with equipping the (newly created) Gargish Candied Staff.
  • All pack animals will continue to go wild based on their loyalty.
  • Resolved issue with VvV mounts not properly being released.
  • Pack animals and hirelings will now only stay in the offline auto stable for 24 hours after which they will be removed from the world if not retrieved. The auto stable is an offline facility where pets can be stored till their owner logs back in – it is not your stable. The offline auto stables are not a part of the transfer process unless a player unloads their pack animals in the world.
    Pack animals that are mounted are stored on your character and can not be lost.
  • Resolved issue with Imp Kin not being removed properly from players.

Test Center Release 1 –  09/07/2021

24th Anniversary Gifts

  • Veteran players at least 30 days old logging in between Publish 111 World Wide Date and October 15, 2021 at 12:01 AM GMT-04:00 will receive an anniversary token
  • The token can be redeemed for opal themed items,
    • Opal Encrusted Mobius
    • Opal Standing Harp
    • Ornamental Opal
  • Items come in a selection of common and rare varieties – collect them all!
  • Players logging into TC1 should receive gifts for testing

Halloween Jack o’ Lanterns

  • Two common and two rare types have been added to the list of possible Jack o’ Lanterns to collect!
  • Butchers will return to the Graveyards beginning October 1st!
  • Visit the Britain fields, Britain Cemetery, and Moonglow Cemetery on TC1 for testing

Trick or Treat

  • New Trick or Treat items available beginning October 1st!
    • Medusa Head
    • Skull Stack
    • Gargish Lantern
  • Use the moongate on TC1 for testing

Huntmaster’s Challenge

  • New Creatures & Trophies have been added to the challenge!
    • Gorilla
    • Kraken
  • New Rewards!
    • Fish Bushel
    • Crab & Lobster Bushel

Artisan Festival

  • A new batch of Virtue & Vice themed rewards are available in this year’s Artisan Festival!
  • The Artisan Festival will be active between Wednesday, December 1,  2021 and Wednesday, January 5, 2022


  • New blacksmith crafting recipe available as Krampus loot – Shield Orb
  • New recipe – Candy Cane StaffRemoved pending a future release
  • Recipes are available from TC1 dispensers at the Britain Commons

Dynamic Treasures Events

  • Refactored spawn mechanic in Treasures events areas to behave more like champion spawns to decrease mob respawn time
  • Resolved issue where creatures in Treasures events areas could not be provoked

Dynamic Champion Spawns

  • Adjusted reward distribution for participation and final rewards
  • Players are eligible for multiple participation rewards based on their contribution to the spawn
  • Only players that have participated in building the spawn are eligible for the final boss reward
  • Visit the champion spawn on TC1 by accessing the moongate at the Britain Commons

Bonded Pet Update

  • Bonded pets (Non-pack animal) can no longer go wild and will no longer respond to commands from their owner until the pet owner feeds the pet
  • Dead bonded pets no longer decay until after 24 hours of in-game time have passed

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Lorebooks will now have more descriptive tooltips to indicate book title, author, and the number of pages contained within.
  • Added additional spawn of Cu Sidhe to the Pixie Forest in Ilshenar
  • Quest NPCs and Reward Givers will now display the time they are set to cleanup during limited-time content
  • Auction safe sale items are no longer eligible as IDOC loot
  • Lorebooks can now be crafted via Inscription
  • Added a provisoner to New Magincia

Ultima Store Items

  • Cu Sidhe Pet Costumes
    • You will be able to purchase a costume credit which will allow you to groom a bonded pet into one of the following alternate styles:
      • Newfoundland
      • Malamute
      • Great Dane
      • Saint Bernard
      • Russian Terrier
      • Rottweiler
    • Costumes are pet-specific and must be applied to the corresponding pet breed and can be applied to any color corresponding pet.
    • This credit is usable ONLY by the purchasing character
    • This credit is stored on the purchasing character and can be applied to your pet at the Pet Groomer
    • Pet Groomers are located at various stables throughout the world
    • Once the credit is applied, the groomer can style your pet with any costumes you have purchased as well as the original body type and hue
    • Costumed pets may not be transferred until they are returned to their original appearance
    • Any existing costume credits will be returned to the pet owner when the pet is transferred or released
  • Pet costumes can be accessed on TC1 by using the “give petcostumes” command

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that would prevent some castles & keeps from converting to newer styles
  • Resolved issue where a player using the Flaming Shot archery master ability would not be able to use another special move when targeting a mobile
  • Added the phoenix, greater phoenix, turkey, and giant turkey to the bird slayer list
  • The skull longsword, skull gnarled staff, and bake-kitsune hat are now repairable
  • Resolved issue where Artisan Festival bedskirts would not unfold/fold properly
  • Resolved issue where players on a quest could enter into a broken state and no longer access their quest journal
  • Resolved issue where the Runic Atlas could enter into a broken state
  • Resolved issue where party members (and pets) of a bard using resilience do not receive all expected benefits
  • Resolved issue where when Hit Velocity procs, it negates slayer damage bonus of the original hit

Enhanced Client

  • Resolved issue where occasionally mobs will ghost after death
  • Resolved issue where bandages contained within an equipped First Aid Belt could not be used in standard functions

Classic Client

  • Resolved issue where occasionally the “target nearest hostile” macro fails to target viable targets
  • Added option for “large container gumps” to the Soulstone Vessel
  • Resolved Gargoyle equipment clipping issues