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Publish 88
World Wide Release: 11/19/2014 <strong>Huntmaster’s Challenge</strong> The Huntmaster at the Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild now offers a monthly challenge for hunting various species throughout Britannia. • Visit the Huntmaster NPC at the Ranger’s Guild outside Skara Brae to obtain a hunting permit via the Huntmaster’s context menu. • Permits cost 5,000gp, the funds must be available in the player’s bank box. • Trophies throughout the Ranger’s Guild indicate which species can be hunted, and include: <p class="rteindent1">o Grizzly Bear o Gray Wolf o Cougar o Turkey o Bull o Boar o Walrus o Alligator o Eagle</p> • Double click on the hunting permit and target the corpse of a valid species to record the kill. • The Permit will display the Hunter’s Name, Date of the Kill, Location of the Kill, Species of the Kill, and a measurement for the Kill. • Taxidermy Kits can be used on the hunting permit to create a trophy for display. • Return to the Huntmaster to submit a kill for consideration in the monthly competition. • If a submission has the greatest wormeasurement for a species, the kill will be displayed on the trophy inside the Ranger’s Guild. • If a submission ties the greatest measurement for a species the display on the trophy will not update, however the submitting player will be eligible for reward when the contest concludes each month. • If a submitted kill has the greatest measurement at the end of the month, the submitting player(s) will get points for each submission to redeem rewards from the Huntmaster. • Kills can only be submitted from the current month and year. • The Huntmaster’s month will be updated on server maintenance, each new month the contest will reset. • Rewards can be redeemed by double clicking on the Huntmaster, and include, <p class="rteindent1">o A Harvester’s Blade o A Horn of Plenty o A Reward Title Deed: Huntmaster’s Champion o A Sash – “Member of the Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild”</p> <strong>VvV Leaderboards</strong> Leaderboards have been added to VvV. <strong>New Horn of Plenty Items</strong> A new house plant has been added to the Cornucopia. • The house plant must be locked down to grow. • The house plant will grow each day on server up. • Once the house plant has reached its full growth state, it will produce fruit. • Fruit can be harvested from the house plant by double clicking on it. • House plants are maintenance free. <strong>2014 Holiday Items</strong> Characters that are at least 30 days old that log in between 12/1/2014 12:01 AM ET and 1/1/2015 12:01 AM ET will receive a randomly hued gift box that contains the following: • New green, blue, or gold fireplace. <p class="rteindent1">o Fireplaces can be ignited and doused by double clicking on the center piece.</p> • A grinder that can be used to grind various plant products. • A steam powered beverage maker that can be used in conjunction with the cooking system to create new items listed in the “Beverage” section of the cooking menu. • A Power Scroll Book <p class="rteindent1">o The powerscroll book can hold 300 power scroll, no more of 99 than any specific scroll. o The book be must locked down in a house in order to add scrolls. o Stat power scrolls cannot be added to the book.</p> <strong>Vet Rewards</strong> The following items have been added as new vet rewards, • 1 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Flesh Renderer Statuette</p> • 2 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Crystal Elemental Statuette</p> • 3 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Dark Father Statuette</p> • 4 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Platinum Dragon Statuette</p> • 7 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Sewing Machine &amp; Smithing Press • The Sewing Machine &amp; Smithing Press are house-addons that can be used in conjunction with the tailoring and blacksmithy skill, respectively. • The machines will hold 5000 charges of their respective tools. • Add charges to the Sewing Machine by dropping sewing kits on the stool. • Add charges to the Blacksmith Press by dropping smith’s hammers, sledge hammers, or tongs on the crates. • Runic, Ancient, or specialty crafting tools cannot be added to the power tools. • Security can be set on the power tool to limit who can use and deposit tools into the attached stool or crates.</p> • 15 Year <p class="rteindent1">o Ethereal Hell Hound Mount</p> <strong>Bug Fixes &amp; Misc Changes</strong> • The crystal portal will now teleport players to the Trinsic Royal Bank instead of the Bank of Britannia: Trinsic Branch. • Magic items generated from treasure chests have had their base budgets increased based on the difficulty of the treasure chest. • The following items are now stackable: Grass &amp; Snow Tiles, Dread Horn. • Trade Crates will now accept 1000 stones. • Paladins have returned to the City of Trinsic • Lifestealers now have the correct karma. • Delivering trade orders will no longer increase karma if it is locked. • Treasures of Doom has been reactivated and extended until server up on 12/6/2014. • During Governor elections “Governor, “ will be prepended to the name of the incumbent on the various voting gumps. • Minor pigments can now be combined up to 50 charges. • The Grinder can now work when locked down in a house • Fireplaces now function as a fire source for cooking. • Hunting Permits can no longer be used on living animals. • Unused tiles inadvertently created by hunting permits will be deleted on server up. • VvV Score Points have been reduced by a factor of 100 to accommodate their values in the Leaderboard gump. • VvV Score points will be awarded on a 1:1 basis for guilds that win or tie the max points in a VvV battle. • VvV Score points will be awarded on a 0.5:1 basis for guilds that do not win or tie the max points in a VvV battle.

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