Halloween – The Black Gate Champion Spawn (Autumn 2020)

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The Black Gate Champ Spawn in October 2020 was found in a clearing among the lava of the volcano on Fire Island on all shards except Siege Perilous where a gate was provided just beyond Umbra’s Inn to a special location, Siege having no volcano.

Spawn waves consisted of:

  • Orcs, all types
  • Gargoyle and Ogre Lord
  • Stone Elemental and Fire Elemental (renowned)
  • Fetid Essence and Vile Mage

with the final champion, the evil Batlin

The reward drop from defeating Batlin was the talisman ‘Batlin’s Inner Voice’, which was limited to one per account.

  • Hit Point Regeneration 2
  • Stamina Regeneration 3
  • Mana Regeneration 2
  • Defence Chance Increase 10%
  • Resist (Random) 10%

During the spawn Mysterious Cubes were rewarded to players, these drops were unlimited. A sinister laugh resulted when double clicking the cube, along with a message.