Horrors of the Dark Champion Spawn (Nov 2021)

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Relvinian’s forces continue to haunt Sosaria, his champion, Anilem has established an altar in a less than hospitable area of Homare-jima, the Fields of Echoes and gathered an army of demon-kind. Fortunately this means that the whole army, excluding the champion, is vulnerable to demon slayer weapons, spell books and talismans.


First wave: Imp and Enslaved Gargoyle
Second wave: Oni and Fan Dancer
Third wave: Demon and Arcane Demon
Fourth wave: Balron and Ravager
Champion: Anilem

As you work the spawn you will find strange objects appearing in your back pack

The heads of Demonic Lords, or if you’re lucky, of an Archfiend

The demonic lords are named for the anti-virtues, the Archfiend heads have a special hue and are named for facets.

To qualify for the prize, the Mark of the Destroyer, at Anilem’s death you must have participated in the entire battle, from first to last.

Properties on this belt are:

  • Weight one stone
  • Hit Point Increase 10
  • Hit Point Regeneration 2
  • Mana Regeneration 2
  • Strength Requirement 10