The Shattered Obelisk – Part III

Note: Spoiler alert, this page is almost, though not quite, a walk through.

The Town Crier, issue III Today you would be wise to speak to the city herald before purchasing the paper. The news is unsettling, Murder in Moonglow?


As suggested when you open the newspaper, head off to the Marsh Hall, the only tavern in Vesper. There appear to be three people there you could talk to Xanthe The Baroness, Spenser the Merchant and Norris the Guard

They don’t seem to be much help, but just as you finish speaking to them a tiny voice whispers in your ear. It’s Sherry the mouse, follow her into the corner and hear what she has to say.

*squeak squeak* Thank you for taking the time to speak to me! *mousey grin* What if I told you the recent events you’ve read about in the Town Cryer were the beginning of a terrible evil? I know…I know…you’ve heard it before and I’m sure you’ll want to know what’s in it for you. I can only tell you what I’ve seen and heard, and heroes like you will need to stand and defend Britannia against the coming evil. There are powerful forces at work in the ethereal void! I may be just a mouse but you don’t have to take my word for it! Take this spell scroll and use it to travel to the Ethereal Void. There you will meet a mage called Mythran, please give him this note. Learn from him all you can, and together we may stand a chance!

She gives you the scroll, ethereal travel, but you’ll need a small piece of blackrock to activate it. The scroll takes you to a strange and isolated spot floating in a void

This is the home of Mythran, there are research notes on the table tops and you notice books in the drawer of a small table but you don’t seem able to read them. Deliver Sherry’s note to Mythran, this is his response.

Given you haven’t jumped into the void I’ll assume your intentions are genuine, what’s this? *You hand him the note* Sherry is persistent isn’t she. She is right you know, even though I doubt Britannians will listen. The ambushes you’ve read about, the strange objects recovered from the maps? And now the incident at your Lycaeum? They are all related you know – and I’m afraid the situation is not good. If you’d like to read more of my research feel free to explore my home, the jist of it, however, is your world and my… are on a collision course with an ancient and powerful evil. I know, I know, its something you’ve heard before – but you must understand. This is different. My colleague Heigel was researching at the Lycaeum. I haven’t been able to reach him since the article in the Town Cryer about the break-in there. Would you check on him, it would mean the world to me

You agree to look for Heigel at the Lyceum.

It’s not too hard to find Heigel, but badly injured, he seems to expire as he speaks to you, but try again, maybe there is more you can learn.

*Cough…Cough* Heigel looks into your eyes and before shuffling off into the eternal void, he slips you a rolled piece of parchment. Looking into your eyes his dyeing words are, “Go to Mythran…Become the Warrior of Ether”

Take the parchment Heigel gave you to Mythran and tell him of Heigel’s fate. He tells you:

Heigel’s death only underscores the seriousness of what must be done. Fortunately Heigel was able to isolate incidents across Britannia that are directly related to the recovery of the components of the obelisk. We must continue Heigel’s research, with it we can recover the artifacts and you can become a Warrior of Ether! Only then will you be powerful enough to fight the coming threats from Pagan…

As you accept Mythran’s task you find you have received a strange pagan spell book and you are somehow now able to read the research notes, and the books you find in the drawer of the small table.

A Pagan spellbook? Weren’t there some spells among the items in the treasure chests? Do they belong in this book?

Reading the spells in the book you begin to see where the other treasure chest items will be needed and how you can use the spells, together with Heigel’s reseach notes, to complete the task Mythran has set you.

Mythran’s Quest

Breath of Air

The need to rescue the trapped miners in Minoc suggest this may be the most urgent of the tasks, needing the spell ‘Intervention’ to be cast. A trip to the mines to see what can be done seems called for.

The mine entrance is sealed with rocks, the area around it infested with quicksilver elementals, could they be the source of the quicksilver mentioned in the spellbook? How much is needed? perhaps the tinker menu would give a clue?

Having found a suitably skilled tinker, equipped with talisman and possibly magery bonus items, to craft the focus; return with it to the mine and speak the spell words from the book. In gratitude the miners reward you with the Breath of Air.

Heart of Earth

The land in Skara has been disturbed, follow the line of the upheaval west to the small island, Iver’s Rounding, you will find the undead referred to in Heigel’s research notes. The ‘grant peace’ spell is needed here, and a little necromancy skill to cast it. Do these unhappy creatures have the Key of the Caretaker you read about in the spellbook?

Having obtained the Key of the Caretaker purchase a small pouch from the provisioner and put into it the reagents, as described in the spell book. Travel to Iver’s Rounding to cast the spell. However casting the spell on the pouch, nothing happens. Something is missing. Against all previously known convention, place the spellbook in the pouch with the reagents

Tear of Seas

A return to Vesper seems to be called for, close to the Fisherman’s wharf you will find Kalen the Necromancer. Some of his sad history is found in the books in Mythran’s drawer. He tells you:

Many generations ago I became a hero to my people. I fell in love with my Apprentice, and we were to undergo the Ceremony of Bonding…but…tragedy befell us as Hydros let his displeasure be known, sending a great wave that washed away my beloved into the sea…I have nothing left of my beloved. If only I had a memento to remember her…

Recover a memento of Kalen’s apprentice lost to the seas, likely entangled in the remains of a ship marked by an SOS…

It may be several SoS later before you are able to return to Kalen, but you will return to him with the staff of his apprentice. In gratitude he will give you the Tear of Seas.

Tongue of Flames

Reading the spell that appears to relate to this item suggests that it is a somewhat daunting task. First you need to understand the pentagram description. An image might help?

The mages in the town shops will not allow this summoning on their premises, a residence with crafted pentagram is required, perhaps you have one in your own home? Heigel’s research notes tell you where some of the items you have gathered must be placed, the rest will need some experimentation. His inability to ascertain the correct placing of the candles would suggest this placing is not obvious or logical.

Once you have managed to cast the spell and obtain the focus, you will need to decide where to use it to summon the perilion. Not any where will do. Heigel believed this to be “a location brimming with the fiery powers of creation from deep within the planet’s core”

The Perihelion is a highly unpleasant being and only a strong character or party will defeat him without suffering some setbacks.

Finally, deliver the four items to Mythran to become a Warrior of the Ether.