Archery has much in common with other warrior skills, these commonalities are addressed on the Melee Fighter page. There are a few considerations specific to archery skill in addition:

  • All bows are two-handed weapons, this means that actions which need you to have a hand free, such as drinking a potion, can not be performed without disarming, unless your bow has the property ‘Balanced’.
  • you must have line-of-sight – even in UO you can’t shoot around corners.
  • You must be standing still to fire (except for the special move, ‘Moving Shot’).
  • You must have arrows or bolts in your pack or quiver and the appropriate bow type equipped
    to fire
  • Parry, or any Bushido spell requiring parry, does not work with archery
  • Use Best Weapon Skill does not work for archery

Always ensure you have the correct ammunition for the bow you have equipped. More than one embarrassed archer has had to hurriedly recall home after finding his quiver is filled with bolts while he holds a bow and not a crossbow.

Some special quivers give a bonus when worn, carrying filled plain quivers in your pack will reduce the weight of the arrows or bolts you carry.