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Stonecrafting is a supplementary skill for Grandmaster Carpenters, its does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on the skill cap. To learn how to craft stone a GM Carpenter must read the book “Making Valuables With Stonecrafting” which can be bought from Gargoyle Stone Crafters in Royal City, Ter Mur at a cost of about 10,000 gold.
mallet_and_chiselTools required are Mallet and chisels, also bought from the Gargoyle Stone Crafter in Royal city. As with most tools these have uses and will wear out. Granite is mined by Grand Master miners.
StoneTableDeedsGranite comes in the same color range as ore, select the color you wish to use from the menu shown when you double click the mallet and chisel. Stone tables are created as a deed, the deed will show the color of the granite used.

Weapons and Armor

Only weapons and armor made with Stonecrafting may carry a maker’s mark. Weapons and armor will benefit from armslore bonuses if the crafter has that skill and those crafted in colored granite will have the same bonus properties as armor pieces crafted by a blacksmith from the equivalent metal (eg items made from gold ingots have 40 luck as a property, items made from gold granite will also have 40 luck).
Plain stone armor, or monster loot stone armor, can be enhanced with colored stone. Bonuses will be the same as those given by the equivalent metal.

Runic mallet and chisels are a rare reward from the three quest givers at the Ter Mur Soulforge (normal reward being an imbuing power scroll).  Runic mallet and chisels can also be used to reforge stone armor and weapons.

Building Stone

Walls, stairs, doors and pavers can be made in all granite colors. These pieces can only be placed within a house and have the “House Only” item property.The different wall types are obtained by double clicking the crafted piece to lock it down (the method used to lock down custom carpet) then turning it using the decorating tool. It can then be unlocked to adjust its position and will maintain the new shape. Double click when finished to lock in place and prevent decay. The pictures below show the range of walls and stairs that can be obtained by turning the piece listed on the crafting menu.

Stone doors must be locked down using the more usual ‘I wish to lock this down’ formula; using an interior decorator to turn them when closed will cause them to switch the way they open (opening either “in” or “out”).

Stone pavers  are listed separately on the crafting menu, but are shown together in this page. (Requires Time of Legends expansion)

Note: There are limits to the maximum elevation these crafted items can be placed. Players found to be exploiting these limits will find themselves subject to GM action.
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Further information on crafted building materials can be found on the page Craftable Walls and Doors

Stonecrafting Items

Decorative and Furniture Item


Success Rate

Armor and Weapon Item


Success Rate

Building Item


Success Rate



1 95% gargoyle_stone_arms2Gargish Stone Arms 8 87.4% Walls

Large Vase

3 95% gargoyle_stone_chest2Gargish Stone Chest 12 90% roughwall1roughwall2roughwall3roughwall4
Rough Windowless
10 80%
stonechairStone Chair 4 90% gargoyle_stone_legs1Gargish Stone Legs 10 82.4% roughwindow
roughwindow2Rough Window
10 80%
Medium Stone Table 6 70% gargoyle_stone_kilt1Gargish Stone Kilt  


100% rougharch1rougharch2rougharch3rougharch4rougharch5
Rough Arch
5 80%

Large Stone Table

9 50% gargoyle_stone_arms1Gargish Stone Arms 8 87.4% roughpillar

Rough Pillar

3 80%

Small Statue (facing south)

3 80% gargoyle_stone_chest1Gargish Stone Chest 12 70% roughroundedarch1roughroundedarch2roughroundedarch3roughroundedarch4roughroundedarch5
Rough Rounded Arch
5 80%

Small Statue ( facing north)

3 80% gargoyle_stone_legs2Gargish Stone Legs 10 82.4% smallarch1smallarch2smallarch3smallarch4
Rough small arch
3 80%

Small Statue (facing east)

3 80% gargoyle_stone_kilt2Gargish Stone Kilt 6 100% roughangledpillar
roughangledpillar2Rough Angled Pillar
5 80%

Stone Anvil

20 36.7% Large_Stone_shieldLarge Stone ShieldPoison Resist 1%
strength 40
16 90% roughshort1roughshort2roughshort3roughshort4
Short Rough
3 80%

Pegasus Statue

4 60% Stone_War_SwordStone War Sword 18 90% stone-door1
stone-door2Stone Door South

Stone Door East
10 80%

Tower Sculpture

3 36% stone_amulet
Gargish Stone Amulet
3 80% Stairs

Rough Block

5 80%

Small Urn

3 36% Note: Colored stone gives the same material bonuses as the equivalent ingot type (eg gold stone gives 40 luck)

Base resist for each piece of Stone armor is:

  • Physical resist – 6
  • Fire resist – 6
  • Cold resist – 4
  • Poison resist – 8
  • Energy resist – 6.

Strength requirement – 40.

Rough Steps
5 80%
gargish_paintingGargish Painting 3 34% roughcornersteps2
Rough Corner Steps
5 80%
sculptureGargish Sculpture 4 36% roundedcornersteps1roundedcornersteps2roundedcornersteps3roundedcornersteps4
Rough Rounded Corner Steps
5 80%
GvaseGargish Vase 4 40% GargStat

Gargoyle Statue

20 91% roughinsetsteps1roughinsetsteps2roughinsetsteps3roughinsetsteps4
Rough Inset Steps
5 80%

*Large Gargish Bed

(100 cloth)
60.6% GriffinStat

Gryphon Statue

16 91% roundedinsetsteps1roundedinsetsteps2roundedinsetsteps3roundedinsetsteps4
Rough Rounded Inset Steps
5 80%

*Gargish Cot

100(100 cloth) 60.6% Ritual_table

Ritual Table

8 94.7% Floor Tiles

18th Anniversary Tall Vase
recipe required

6 100% 18thshortvase

18th Anniversary Short Vase
recipe required

6 100% paver-lightpaver-mediumpaver-dark

Light Paver, Medium Paver, Dark Paver

5 80%

*Requires 75 tailoring skill