Chivalry Spells and Abilities

Chivalry is a spellcasting ability of the Paladin, instead of reagents it uses Tithing points. To cast the spells you will also need a Book of Chivalry from an NPC Keeper of Chivalry in Luna. This book contains not only the 10 Paladin spells but also shows how many tithing points you have.

Because Chivalry is by nature aligned with the forces of good, a Paladin who has high karma will find his/her chivalrous powers more effective. Karma can affect both the duration and power of various of the Chivalry abilities.


You may tithe gold at any shrine, the ones in Luna and New Haven are probably the most conveniently located. In Haven it is through the warrior’s training area. In Luna it is above the bank

haven_ankh  luna_ankh

One gold piece provides one point of tithing, the spell book will show these points up to a maximum of 100,000. Gold will be withdrawn from your Currency Account in your bank. Single click the ankh and the menu will ask you ‘How much whilst thou tithe?’ Type the amount you wish to tithe in the box, or simply click the blue gem ‘tithe maximum’, then click OK.

Faster Casting

This property is capped at 4 for the use of Chivalry skills, unless the player also has a Magery skill of 70.0 or higher – then the cap is 2.








chivalry_closewounds Close Wounds

Obsu Vulni

10 10 0 This is the Paladin’s healing spell, it can heal 7-39 points of damage done to himself or a valid target within 2 tiles. The caster’s Karma affects the amount of damage healed.
chivalry_cleansebyfire Cleanse by Fire

Expor Flamus

10 10 5 Cures poison
chivalry_removecurse Remove Curse

Extermo Vomica

10 20 5 Removes all Curse effects from a valid target. Curses are timed effects shown as red icons in your debuff bar.  Casting time 2 seconds
chivalry_consecrateweapon Consecrate Weapon

Consecrus Arma

10 10 15 The paladin’s weapon is temporarily imbued with the power to do damage against the target’s weakest resist. Duration is affected by the caster’s Karma and lasts for 3 to 11 seconds.
chivalry_sacredjourney Sacred Journey

Sanctum Viatas

20 20 15 The Paladin’s equivelant to the mage’s recall spell. All restrictions with regard to combat apply.
chivalry_divinefury Divine Fury

Divinum Furis

10 15 25 Refreshes some stamina and gives a boost to swing speed, hit chance and damage dealt for a few seconds, but at the cost of the caster’s defence chance.
chivalry_dispelevil Dispel Evil

Dispiro Malas

10 15 35 Attempts to dispel evil summoned creatures and cause monsters to flee from combat.
Deals damage to Necromancers in Horrific Beast, Lich, Vampire, or Wraith forms. Caster’s Karma and Chivalry, and Target’s Fame and Necromancy affect Dispel Chance.
chivalry_enemyofone Enemy of One

Forul Solum

10 20 45 Allows a Paladin to designate the next creature he strikes as a ‘mortal enemy’ causing him to inflict 50% more weapon damage to all creatures of the same type. Damage from other creature types is doubled while the spell is in effect. Duration approximately 1.5-3 minutes, depending on skill and karma. Recasting the spell before it expires will toggle it off.
chivalry_holylight Holy Light

Augus Luminos

10 15 55 Creates an area of effect around the caster, dealing energy damage. Amount of damage dealt is affected by caster’s Karma, from 8 to 24 hit points.  Will not damage hidden players
chivalry_noblesacrifice Noble Sacrifice

Dium Prostra

30 20 65 Allows the Paladin to resurrect, cure and heal all valid targets within 6 tiles of him; healing between 9-24 points of damage based on the caster’s karma. Caster loses all but one 1 point in HP, Mana, and Stamina in exchange.
Criminals and murderers are not classed as ‘valid targets’ for this ability.