Runic Reforging for Specific Properties

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With thanks to: Arroth_Thaiel, Khan, PlayerSkillFTW and WornOutYourTool

100% Elemental Damage 

Reforging menu selection: Powerful + Quality for all material types

Metal Weapons (Smith or Tinker)

Hammer – Dull Copper or Shadow.
Dull copper can be used for fire, cold and energy, these can be raised to 100% by enhancing provided fire is 60% or above, cold is 70% or above,  energy is 80% or above. Bronze for fire, agapite for cold, copper for energy. Enhance while holding a +60 Ancient Smith hammer for smith weapons. Remember that tinkered items, although reforged with a hammer,  will need to be enhanced using a tinker kit.

Shadow should be used for Poison which can not be raised by enhancing and therefore must be achieved by reforging alone.

Wooden Weapons (Carpenter or Fletcher)
Dovetail Saw or Fletching kit – Oak

Stone Weapons
Mallet & Chisel – Shadow

100% mana leech

Reforging menu selection: Powerful + Vampire

Metal Weapons (Smith or Tinker)
Hammer – Copper
Achieving this property is also governed by the basic swing speed of the weapon type

HCI+5, or DCI+5

Reforging menu selection: Powerful + Slaughter for all material types

Smith Armor
Hammer – Shadow

Tailor Armor
Sewing Kit – Spined

Stone Armor
Mallet & Chisel – Shadow

150 Luck

Reforging menu selection: powerful + fortune for metal and wood

Smith Armor
Hammer – Copper/Bronze
Enhance with gold

Wooden Shield
Dovetail Saw – Ash
Enhance with Bloodwood

Reforging menu selection: fortune alone. NOT powerful

Tailor Armor
Sewing Kit – Horned
Enhance with Spined Leather.