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Minimum Requirements and Success Rates for Inscription

– To scribe a scroll, you need a scribe’s pen (may be bought from NPC scribes or made by players with sufficient tinkering skill) and a blank scroll in your backpack. Double click the pen to open the crafting menu for scribes.
– When scribing scrolls you need to have the spell you want to scribe in your spellbook, your spellbook must be in your hands or in your backpack and you must have the necessary reagents on you.
Magery Spells
Required Skill
First Circle 4 0
Second Circle 6 0
Third Circle 9 3.5
Fourth Circle 11 17.8
Fifth Circle 14 32.1
Sixth Circle 20 46.4
Seventh Circle 40 60.7
Eighth Circle 50 75
Necromancy Scrolls
Required Skill
Animate Dead 23 39.6
Blood Oath 13 19.6
Corpse Skin 11 19.6
Curse Weapon 7 19.6
Evil Omen 11 19.6
Horrific Beast 11 39.6
Lich Form 23 69.6
Mind Rot 17 29.6
Pain Spike 5 19.6
Poison Strike 17 49.6
Strangle 29 64.6
Summon Familiar 17 29.6
Vampiric Embrace 23 98.6
Vengeful Spirit 41 79.6
Wither 23 59.6
Wraith Form 17 19.6
Exorcism 40 79.6
Mysticism Scrolls
Required Skill
Nether Bolt 4 0
Healing Stone 4 0
Purge Magic 6 0
Enchant 6 0
Sleep 9 3.5
Eagle Strike 9 3.5
Animated Weapon 11 17.8
Stone Form 11 17.8
Spell Trigger 14 32.1
Mass Sleep 14 32.1
Cleansing Winds 20 46.4
Bombard 20 46.4
Spell Plague 40 60.7
Hail Storm 40 60.7
Nether Cyclone 50 75
Rising Colossus 50 75

* Regardless of failure or success when scribing an inscription attempt will always use up reagents and the blank scroll.
On a successful attempt, the mana is also consumed.

** When crafting a spellbook there is a chance it will get up to 3 magical properties.
These properties can be Faster Casting, Faster Cast Recovery, Lower Mana Cost, Lower Reagent Cost, Mana Increase, Mana Regeneration, Spell Damage Increase, Intelligence Bonus, Slayer (random) and a few mage related Skills (Magery, Eval. Int., Meditation and Resist).
All the properties can be up to 80% of the intensity range they normally spawn in.

The amount and intensity of the properties on a spellbook depends on your magery skill. At 80 Magery you can get 1 property, at 90 Magery you can get 2 properties and at 100 Magery you can get 3 properties. At 110 and 120 Magery you can still only get 3 properties, but you will have a higher chance of getting them.

Necromancy and Mysticism spellbooks can also be crafted with properties; as with magery, the character needs to have the necromancy or mysticism skill, with amount and intensity of properties dependent on skill level. Skill bonus properties will be relevant to the skill, eg necromancy, spirit speak, mysticism, focus.



Item Name
Resources Needed
Makers Mark
Requires Recipe
Skill Required
Blank Scroll 1 woodpulp No No 50.0
Book (100 pages) 2 Beeswax
40 Blank Scroll
No No 50.0
Book (200 pages) 4 Beeswax
80 Blank Scroll
No No 50.0
Book of Lore 24 Blank Scroll Yes No 45.0
Enchanted Switch 1 Black Pearl
1 Blank Scroll
1 Spider’s Silk
1 Switch
No No 45.0
Exodus Rite 5 Daemon Blood
5 Daemon Bone
1 Summon Daemon Scroll
5 Taint
No No 100.0
Mysticism Spellbook 10 Blank Scroll Yes No 50.0
Necromancy Spellbook 10 Blank Scroll Yes No 50.0
Runebook 8 Blank Scroll
1 Gate Travel Scroll
1 Recall Scroll
1 Unmarked Rune
Yes No 45.0
Runed Prism 1 Black Pearl
1 Blank Scroll
1 Hollow Prism (Glassblowing)
1 Spider’s Silk
No No 45.0
Runic Atlas 24 Blank Scrolls
3 Unmarked Runes
3 Recall Scrolls
3 Gate Scrolls
Yes Yes 45.0
Scrapper’s Compendium 100 Blank Scroll
10 Corruption
1 Dread Horn Mane
10 Taint
No Yes 85.0
Scroll Binder 1 woodpulp No No 75.0
Spellbook 10 Blank Scroll Yes No 50.0
Spellbook engraving tool 7 Black Pearl
1 Feather
No No 75.0

Casting Spells from Scrolls

  • When casting a scroll, the game treats that scroll as if it were 2 spell Circles lower in order to determine chance of failure. (For example, if a player were to cast the 8th Circle spell Resurrection from a scroll in order to restore a fallen comrade to life, that player would have to be able to cast 6th Circle spells and would have a chance to cast that scroll equal to his success rate of casting spells of the 6th Circle.)
  • If the casting is successful, the amount of Mana normally required for spells of the same Circle of the scroll is consumed.

Copying Books

The Inscription skill can also be used to copy books. Unlike scribing scrolls, where you have to use a scribe’s pen, with copying books you have to use the Inscription skill through the skill gump. First target the “full” book and then the “empty” book you want to copy to.

  • Copying books is an excellent method for low-level scribes to get their skill up to between 40 and 50.