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Glassblowing is a supplementary skill for Grandmaster Alchemists, its does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on the skill cap. To learn how to craft glass a GM Alchemist must read the book “Crafting Glass with Glassblowing” which can be bought from Gargoyle Alchemists in Royal City, Ter Mur at a cost of about 10,000 gold. The tools required, blowpipes can also be bought from this individual. In addition you must be close to a forge to create glass items. Blow pipes wear out, like most tools. You will also require sand, which is mined by grand master miners on beaches. Only weapons made with Glassblowing may carry a maker’s mark.
The special ingredient, ethereal sand was obtained from Corgul the Soulbinder upon his death during the Treasures of the Sea, Forsaken Foes event. A portion of ethereal sand also became available for purchase at Minoc Mining Cooperative at his demise.



Decorative Glassblowing Items
Item Sand Success Rate
empty_bottleEmpty bottle (for potions) 1 95%
Small flask (Changes color and direction when turned)
2 95%
Medium flask (Changes color when turned)
3 95%
flask3a flask3bflask3cflask3dflask3eflask3f Curved flask
(Changes color and direction when turned)
2 90%
flask5aflask5bflask5c Large flask
#1 Changes color when turned
4 85%
flask4a flask4bflask4c Large flask
#2 Changes color when turned
5 80%
flasksmall_anim Bubbling blue flask 5 80%
flasklarge_anim Bubbling purple flask 5 80%
flasklong_anim Bubbling red flask 7 80%
emptyvials Empty vials
Can be turned with interior decorator
8 70%
fullvials Full vials
Can be turned with interior decorator
9 70%
hourglass_animSpinning hourglass
The interior decorator will stop or start it
10 50%
hollow_prism Hollow Prism 8 50%
EmptyVenomVial Empty Venom Vial 1 95%
oil-flask Empty Oil Flask 5 60%
floor_mirrorTer-Mur Style Floor Mirror 20 50%
wall_mirrorTer-Mur Style Wall Mirror 10 60%




Other Glass Items
Item Resources Success Rate Exceptional chance
Ethereal Soulbinder 20 Sand
5 Ethereal Sand
10% nil
Glass_SwordGlass Sword 14 sand 90% 45%
Glass_StaffGlass Staff 10 sand 92.8% 47.8%
Soulstone Fragment
2 Crystal Granules

2 Void Essence

60% nil
Workable Glass 10 Sand 90% nil