Halloween – Treasures of the Sea (Autumn 2019)

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Halloween approaches, the seas have become a more dangerous place and treasure hunters should beware, creatures have become Soulbound!

Help is at hand, use a soulbinder to capture these souls take them to the Fellowship, they will reward your endeavors

All Rising Tide creatures, including Corgul, Scalis, and Charybdis can have their souls bound into ethereal soulbinders. Treasure map guardians too have been tainted, though creatures appearing with them, that can be tamed, have managed to avoid it, and are not soulbound.
Soulbound creatures will be identified via an orange hue and the “Soulbound” item property.

Soulbinders are crafted using glassblowing skill, and require a special ingredient, ethereal sand. Large quantities of this can be collected from Corgul the Soulbinder upon his death, a quantity of this bounty will also appear in Minoc where it can be purchased from the Mining Co-operative, though quantities are limited by account.
The Mining Cooperative vendor will restock anytime Corgul is defeated

The Soulbinder must be in main pack, and will change color as it fills with souls. A sea creature’s soul, if captured in an empty soulbinder, will turn it black, a meager soul, the further levels are:

  • Grand Soul –  at least 1% full
  • Exalted Soul – at least 25% full
  • Legendary Soul – at least 50% full
  • Mythical Soul – at least 90% full

It takes a lot of sailor’s souls to raise a legendary soulbinder to mythical, but a pirate’s soul is stronger and can fill an empty binder completely.

If you have taken up the charge of cleansing Britannia’s souls of the vile evils that plague our society, you may deposit the soulbinders in the chest here for cleansing by our Adepts.


The fellowship will reward you with silver, this can be spent at the fellowship shop.

This individual will add to his inventory over time. The following items will be available on a timed release throughout the run of Forsaken Foes (prices will be added as the items become available)

  • Tincture of Silver – provides slayer bonus to Soulbound creatures. Using the effect makes a player vulnerable to reponds. 10,000 silver
  • Pumpkin Cannon – a large pumpkin styled blundercannon, can be placed on a ship and fires all ship weapon ammo types 50,000 silver
  • Pumpkin Rowboat – a large pumpkin rowboat 250,000 silver
  • Admiral Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale – an equippable bottle of Admiral Jack’s favorite beverage 50,000 silver
  • Jack o’ Lantern Helm – equippable Jack o’ Lantern helm that’s also a light source, 150,000 silver
  • Exploding Jack o’ Lantern – put one in your backpack, give one to your friend and have fun launching them at each other! Kaboom! 40,000 silver
  • Reward Title Deeds
    • Ensign 20,000 silver,
    • Commander, 40,000 siver
    • Captain 80,000 silver
  • Recipe Scrolls
    • Mage’s Hood of Scholarly Insight – new mage’s hood equippable with the stats of the Scholarly Halo 150,000
    • Cowl of the Mace & Shield – new assassin’s cowl equippable with the stats of the Mace & Shield Glasses 150,000 silver
    • Elegant Collar of Fortune – new elegant collar equippable with the stats of Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune 200,000
    • Crimson Dagger/Sword/Mace Belt – 3 different weapon belt equippables with the stats of the Crimson Cincture *decorative, cannot store a weapon* 75,000 silver