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Alchemy – What is it good for? Well, not turning lead to gold. You can learn to make potions of all kinds (except love potions), dyes from plant clippings, black powder and a variety of other useful items. An alphabetical list of items that can be made with the skill can be found here. The Alchemy menu lists items under the following headings:

  • Healing and Curative
  • Enhancement
  • Toxic
  • Explosive
  • Strange Brew
  • Ingredients

Tools and Equipment

Let’s start with the Alchemist tools. You will need a mortar and pestle. You can buy this tool from an NPC Alchemist at any Mage shop or you can craft it if you have tinkering. They wear out, so you will need many of them.

You will also need empty bottles, and possibly potion kegs. The empty bottles can be bought from the same NPC as the mortar and pestle but potion kegs are made by player carpenter/tinkers. A GM alchemist may read the book “Crafting Glass with Glassblowing” bought from the Gargoyle Alchemist in Royal City, Ter Mur, this will enable you to make your own bottles as well as a number of decorative items.

Making Potions

Make sure a mortar and pestle and an empty bottle are in your pack. Double click the mortar and pestle. This will bring up a menu of everything that can be made.


Click the box to the right of the item will tell you the skill required, your chance at making the item and the materials and/or the reagents needed.


Once you have the correct resources for the item you wish to make you can begin. Filled bottles will stack, so whether you have one bottle of a particular potion or 100 of them it will count as one ‘item’ in your pack, bank box or house secure. However filled bottles weigh 2 stones each. Placing them into a keg reduces this weight problem, make one bottle of potion then drop the bottle onto the keg. The potion will be poured into the keg and the empty bottle returned to your pack. Whilever you have one empty bottle in your pack all subsequent potions of the same type will automatically be placed in the keg until it is full. A full keg contains 100 potions and weighs 100 stones.

It is a good idea to dye your kegs with a furniture dyetub, allowing you to instantly see what potion is in which keg without the need to mouse over the keg for the description.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders for Alchemy became available in late 2016, publish 95, details of the system are explained in Bulk Orders and orders and rewards relating to Alchemy can be found by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Alchemy Recipes

There are 9 items you will be unable to make until you have ‘read’ the recipe. Recipes obtained through quests from Tinker NPCs in Heartwood are:

  • invisibility potion
  • parasitic poison potion
  • darkglow poison potion

Recipes obtained as a potential reward from the quest ‘The Zealotry of Zipactriotl’ are:

  • Barrab Hemolymph Concentrate
  • Jukari Burn Poultice
  • Kurak Ambusher’s Essence
  • Barako Draft of Might
  • Urali Trance Tonic
  • Sakkhra Prophylaxis Potion

Training the Skill

There are two considerations to take into account when planning your training. First, what will you do with the potions you make? Second, how much will they cost to make?
Below is a suggested training route to GM

Skill What to make Reagent
0% Buy skills from NPC Alchemist
Nightsight or lesser poison on Siege or Mugen
Spider Silk or Nightshade
25% Poison Nightshade
35% Greater Agility Bloodmoss
45% Greater Strength Mandrake Root
55% Greater Poison Nightshade
75% Greater Cure Garlic
90% Greater Conflagration Grave Dust
98% Deadly Poison Nightshade

Enhance Pots Property

Battling alchemists have an ‘enhance potions’ effect from skill which stacks with the property found on items.

  • Healing, curing and enhancing potions can be enhanced.
  • If the user an explosion potion has any alchemy skill, every 5 points of skill they have will add 1 extra point of damage to the potion. Note: Explosion potions cannot be used if you are frozen.
  • If the user of a conflagration potion has any alchemy skill, every 13 points of skill they have will add 1 extra point of damage to the potion.
  • If the user of invisibility potions has any alchemy skill, every 10 points of skill they have will add 1 second to the duration of the potion.