The Classic Client Menu Bar

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Usually found at the top left of the game play window the menu bar gives access to a number of functions

The bar can be moved, by click and drag, or closed to a small icon when not in use. To do this click on the green triangle far left. This reduces the bar to the icon cc-barclosed.

The bar can be hidden from sight completely via the paperdoll options menu, interface tab by checking the box ‘Disable the Menu Bar’

The Menu Bar Buttons


This button opens the radar map and, once open, toggles it between the two available sizes. You location on the map is shown by a flashing white dot.



This opens the character’s paperdoll, the enables the character to be dressed by dragging items onto the doll from the backpack or other container. Other functions of this gump will be explained in a dedicated page


This button will open the character’s back pack, if it is not already open.


This button opens the character’s journal, this document records system messages, chat messages and persons/creatures seen by the character. It is possible to scroll back to check on something you may have missed, but it is limited in scope and will not scroll back for an infinite time.



This button allows you to change between available chat channels. Chat is dealt with in more depth on the In Game Communication page.


This button opens a menu of help options which is explained in more detail on the ‘Help Options‘ page.

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This button opens the ‘Codex of Wisdom’, an indexed FAQ containing basic information beginning with ‘Movement’ – how to move your character.

UO Store

This button opens the menu to purchase items from Ultima Store

Global Chat

This button opens the friends list menu. This feature is explained fully on the Global Chat page.