Publish 62 23rd October

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Publish 62 All Shards

25 Oct 2009 23:01:33 EST

All shards will be published at their local shard’s maintenance period. This will have this years Halloween Content. Click on more to read the full story.

Halloween 2009

There will be no deaths this year! The Evil Twin is no more (may he rest in peace). But do watch out for his Naughty Twin.

Halloween Quest

This quest is repeatable.  Have fun and make sure you start with visiting Jasper in Yew.

Trick or Treating

  • Added 5 new candies


  • Added 2 new rares you can get from Trick or Treating

Three New Tricks for our Trick or Treaters

  • Not much fun if we told you what they were, Happy Halloween!

Make sure you visit your local pumpkin patches! You just might find unique pumpkins grown by the Devs, GMs and EMs!

Bug Fixes 

  • Players will now be able to use the bridge in Ilshenar
  • Players will no longer be able  to tame the Plague Rats in the Cavern of the Discarded
  • Murderers on Siege Perilous and Mugen can now use the crystal portal to teleport to different facets now
  • Fixed the issue on Siege Perilous with the clothing exchange box, it will now give the player the correct adjusted item.
  • Ghosts will no longer be able to bypass the color maze with sacrifice.
  • Codex of Virtue will now be able to re-deed properly. Ones that are currently placed will not be able to re-deed properly.
  • The quest giver for Medusa’s Blood has been removed.
  • The quest “A Worthy Proposition” has been fixed, it will now accept both directions of bamboo flutes
  • Fixed an issue with runebooks in the Enhanced Client, it will now function normally.

Publish 62.2

28 Oct 2009 17:09:16 EST

Publish 62.2 will go through during your local shard’s maintenance period.  The following fixes and changes will be implemented during this publish:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing double NPCs to spawn with the Halloween Quest.
  • Adjusted the Gypsy’s respawn timer.
  • Players can no longer summon the Harbinger in the Abyss.
  • Removed the Naughty Twin’s ability to turn players into a Mound of Maggots.
  • Fixed an issue with Veteran clothing becoming unblessed on the Siege Perilous shard.

62.3 Bug Fixes – 11/19/2009

19 Nov 2009 09:48:16 EST


We have the following Bug Fixes for you this morning following yesterday’s launch of 62.3 on all live Shards:

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Turkeys no longer teleport into houses
  • Fixed an issue with cursed parchment will be deleted on login
  • Fixed several exploits with Turkey Nests
  • Turkeys AI was adjusted
  • Fixed an issue regarding the top twenty (20) Turkey attackers
  • Attackers on the aggressive list must be within 50 tiles of the corpse
  • Unstabled Chicken will no longer be kicked from players houses.


We have the following Bug Fixes for you this morning:

Bug Fixes

  • Added guard ignore to the Giant Turkeys
  • Fixed the barding difficulty on the Giant Turkeys
  • Bards will be added to the lawful attackers list for discording and provocation of the Giant Turkeys
  • Turkeys AI was adjusted to keep it from teleporting so often.
  • Harvest Wine and Cider will no longer lose their TID’s at maintenance.
  • Age was removed from using the Retouching Tool