Publish 61 9th October

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Publish 61

09 Oct 2009 16:36:00 EST

12th year Anniversary items

Players will have till November 8th to log into the game to receive their gift ticket.

1st year Veteran Reward

To be listed in detail later

11th and 12th year Veteran Rewards

To be listed in detail later

All years Veteran Reward Clothing

Added a box in the Lycaeum (Felucca and Trammel) which allows players to trade their veteran reward clothing for one of a different type but of the same color.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed gloves to show properly on the paperdoll
  • Fixed an issue with Hair Restyling deeds showing Gargoyle Horns in the gump
  • Fixed an issue with Animal form and Bola’s, players would instantly resurrect and have a death shroud and hue.
  • Fixed the issue with Hitching Posts causing the players backpacks to become bugged.
  • Bola’s will now give a criminal action query when used.
  • Reduced Suteks roaming range
  • World Building fixes to lava areas
  • Fixed the issue where horns were dropping as loot
  • The small square basket now requires SA Entitlement
  • Retextured the death shroud
  • Fixed an issue to allow Faction players from triggering a trapped chest to deny giving faction scores and stat loss
  • Fixed an issue with impassable cave tiles and walls
  • Exploit – Players will no longer be able to use the Bag of Sending on the puzzle boards.
  • Plant clippers will now cut any plant that has the word Decorative in it
  • Crafting Items will no longer bark “I’m in the hack!!!”
  • Players can no longer unravel items after they have been traded
  • Gruesome standards should now be 10 stones
  • Snake Skin Boots and all masks (bear, deer and tribal) are now dyable with staining dyes
  • Gem’s color rotation now has a chance of being blaze.
  • Players can no longer build gargoyle dressers on gargoyle couches
  • Snake charmer flute recipe now requires 3 luminescent fungi instead of 2 blights to craft
  • Players will be able to meditate while wearing Gargoyle Jewelry without imbuing mage armor into it.
  • Fixed an issue with Personal Attendant dupes
  • Special leather bonuses should no longer apply to cloth armor
  • Both facings of glass swords can now be used as ingredients for crushed glass
  • Spinning Wheels should no longer get stuck in use.  Players should be able to deed them without any issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Scroll Binders, Alchemy scrolls will no longer be shown as Anatomy scrolls when bound.
  • Removed Trap scrolls placed in binders having a TID error
  • Fixed an issue with players having SA entitled pets in their stables without the entitlement on their accounts
  • Clothing bless deeds can now be used on Gargish Robes
  • Added Gargoyle furniture to the dyable list for furniture dye tubs
  • Players can no longer tame the temporary summoned Raptors
  • Fixed an issue with Vet Reward Statues coming to live when attacked
  • Fixed an issue with Medusa petrifying your pets and the pet losing their original hues.
  • Slasher will no longer use the fear effect on ghosts
  • Giger no longer hates Neville, therefore he can talk by without taking cannon damage.
  • Candle of Love will no longer stack.
  • New gargoyle books have been updated to be included with the inscription skill
  • Fixed an issue with seams in Ruin Walls
  • Mud Puppies and Red Herring deeds should redeed correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue with Navrey spawning in locations players can not reach
  • Gargish furniture will actually be two lock downs.  Players will be able to put items on each side.  You will only have to lock down/secure one side for both sides to lock/secure
  • Fixed an issue with Guilds dropping their guild leaders.  The guild system will now appoint a new leader if the original one is dropped.
  • Niporailem will now switch targets properly if the original target is unavailable
  • Faction guilds can no longer be in an alliance with non faction guilds.
  • Fixed an issue with SA cave entrances blocking caves in legacy.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were getting multiple puzzle boxes.  Puzzle boxes will now delete themselves when placed on the floor and someone tries to pick it up.
  • The treasure/sand will no longer be blessed, it will fall to the players corpse
  • Fixed an issue with the wizard hat twitching while sitting
  • Fixed an issue with Fishing poles being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with players being teleported into the ground at the Primevil Lich champ spawn
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to buy from Gargoyle Vendors
  • Players will no longer get the “no container” message when trying to get the pet food they do not want.
  • Tasty Treats will no longer stack
  • Fixed an issue with Treasure sand being statics when dropped.
  • Iron Beetle no longer requires taming to control (still needs SA entitlement)
  • Gargoyle Race change tokens are now blessed
  • Fixed an issue with the Experimental Gem in the Puzzle room
  • Fixed an issue with the Abyssal Infernal’s special condemnation attack causing players to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue with the Despise bridge causing Line of Sight issues
  • Casting while holding a weapon will no longer damage the weapon.
  • Damage rate of weapons have been adjusted.
  • Players who log out in the lamp room or trap maze puzzle room, will be teleported to a different location at log in.
  • The 3.0 SoT reward from the trap maze puzzle has temporarily been replaced by a Lucky Coin.

Publish 61.1

14 Oct 2009 10:59:52 EST

  • Adjusted the special move attack on the Slasher Veil, he will now ignore invulnerable people.
  • The two (2) new Veteran Reward mounts will no longer take up 4 control slots
  • The issue with the housing teleporters not recognizing characters on the same account as a homeowner as well as issues with grandfathered house have been resolved.
  • You can once again place addons on top of goza mats.