Publish 60.1 17th September

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Publish 60.1

17 Sep 2009 17:27:34 EST

Publish 60.1 will go through during your local shard’s maintenance period.



  • Fixed the issue with the invisible Ostard
  • Cliloc Updates


Bug Fixes


  • Non SA Entitled players can not control or receive SA Pets
  • Adjusted the Flight Paths in SA over the Lava tiles
  • Added exit teleporters to the Color Maze – to use say “exit” to the brass sign
  • Fixed an issue with some of the minor Artifacts being were imbuable
  • Fixed an issue with players falling off the sides of bridges in SA
  • Writeable books , runes, spellbooks and runebooks will no longer be sent to the Cavern of Discarded
  • Player will no longer receive the option to use a Silver Sapling rez in either boss mob instance encounter
  • Removed loyality from acid slugs due to the fact they instant respawn
  • Added functionality to the cannons in the front of the Underworld
  • Fixed an issue with the Color Gem and players being disconnected
  • Reduced transparent area to fit the size of the golden compass gump
  • Adjusted the amount of Magical Residue vs cost of imbuing
  • Added random Mysticism scrolls to the SA dungeon Mobs
  • Adjusted Tyballs hps and the manner in which players get the key.  Everyone in the area will now get keys if needed.
  • Added SA entitlements to SA artifacts (Demon Bridle Ring and Token of Holy Favor)
  • Fixed the issue with the Lich Artifact not dropping correctly
  • Adjusted the stamina for gargoyles flying
  • Templated Gargoyles can no longer be created with 0 skill points
  • Players can no longer recall out of the champ spawn areas
  • Ghosts can now be exorcised from the two new champ spawn areas
  • Clippers should now cut all plants included those labeled “a decorative plant”