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Publish 68 High Seas

The Ultima Online Team 12 Oct 2010 10:16:49 EST

With the release of High Seas (Publish 68) we have a number of changes and new features being introduced. Below we have provided notes both for features included in the purchase of the booster pack as well as those that benefit all current players.

Thanks and have fun,
The Ultima Online Team

Publish 68 Notes – 10/12/10

Adventure on the High Seas Booster Pack

Below are the new features associated with the High Seas Booster pack Entitlement

New Ship Types

  • Gargoyle and Tokuno Ships can be purchased at the Sea Market.
  • An Orc Ship is given as a quest item; you will receive the deed in pieces.
  • Row boats – Temporary boat that moves at a very slow speed, can be deployed from deep sea.
  • You will only be allowed to have one boat placed at a time – Pre High Seas boats will continue to function until they are dry-docked.

Ship Weapons

  • Multi-step firing system
  • 4 new ship ammo types  –
    • Cannon ball – damages ships and Scalis
    • Grape shot – wide area, anti-personnel damage
    • Frost/Flame cannon ball – damages ships and deals AOE damage near point of impact
  • Cannon and ammo crafting

Ship Damage States and Ship Repair

  • Ships have two damage states the first state slows you down and the second state will stop your boat till you do repairs
  • Emergency Repairs  will temporarily  let your boat move at a very slow speed
  • Sail near shore or the Sea Market to perform Permanent Repairs to your boat

NPC Pirate and Merchant Ships

  • Unique Crews and loot
  • Bounty Board can be found at the Sea Market  for the Pirates
  • Listen carefully to the NPCs  (at the Sea Market only)  for clues for  finding pirates

Ship Tracking

  • Not based on any skill
  • Will track up to five (5) ships that are nearby.
  • Say “start tracking” to begin tracking ships for one minute

Boat Paints

  • Purchased at the Sea Market  – can add up to 5 coats of paint to vary color of boat.  This is a temp paint  that wears off every two (2) weeks to a lighter shade.

20% House and Bank storage increase

  • If you have all the previous increases you would have a total of 60% House and 40% Bank increase

New ship Controls

  • Access by dbl clicking on rope
  • Pilot NPC on ships have menu for levels of general access
  • Click on specific players for individual access control

Fishing Updates

  • New fish

    • Barracuda
    • Grouper
    • Great Barracuda
    • Yellowtail Barracuda
    • Fire Fish
    • Giant Koi
    • Reaper Fish
    • Crystal Fish
    • Summer Dragonfish
    • Fairy Salmon
    • Lava Fish
    • Autumn Dragonfish
    • Holy Mackerel
    • Unicorn Fish
    • Stone Crab
    • Spider Crab
    • Blue Lobster
    • Kingfish
    • Blue Marlin
    • Black Marlin
    • Stone Fish
    • Zombie Fish
    • Golden Tuna
    • Giant Samurai Fish
    • Spring Dragonfish
    • Abyssal Dragonfish
    • Winter Dragonfish
    • Lantern Fish
    • Dungeon Pike
    • Seeker Fish
    • Tunnel Crab
    • Void Crab
    • Void Lobster
    • Blood Lobster
    • Dread Lobster
    • Lantern Fish
    • Dungeon Pike
    • Bull Fish
    • Seeker Fish
  • 16 New Buffs

    • Unicorn Fish Pie – Increase to Stamina Regeneration
    • Holy Mackerel Pie – Increase to Mana Regeneration
    • Yellowtail Barracuda Pie – Increase to HP Regeneration
    • Spider Crab Pie – Increase to Focus Skill
    • Autumn Dragonfish Pie – Increase to Meditation Skill
    • Lava Fish Pie – Increase Soul Charge Ability
    • Fairy Salmon Pie – Increase to Casting Focus
    • Summer Dragonfish Pie- Increase Spell Damage
    • Bull Fish Pie – Increase Melee Damage
    • Cyrstal Fish Pie – Soak Energy Damage
    • Reaper Fish Pie – Soak Poison Damage
    • Blue Lobster Pie – Soak Cold Damage
    • Stone Crab Pie – Soak Physical Damage
    • Fire Fish Pie – Soak Fire Damage
    • Giant Koi Pie – Increase Defense Chance
    • Gian Barracuda Pie – Increase Hit Chance

    All the named fish listed below can be used for Trophies:

    • Unicorn Fish
    • Lava Fish
    • Blue Marlin
    • Black Marlin
    • Autumn Dragonfish
    • Summer Dragonfish
    • Spring Dragonfish
    • Winter Dragonfish
    • Abyssal Dragonfish
    • Ice Dragonfish
    • Rainbow fish
  • 2 new unique fish wall mounts – Marlin and Dragonfish.
    • Unicorn Pie
    • Holy Mackerel Pie
    • Yellowtail Barracuda Pie
    • Spider Crab Pie
    • Autumn Dragonfish Pie
    • Lava Fish Pie
    • Fairy Salmon Pie
    • Summer Dragonfish Pie
    • Bull Fish Pie
    • Cyrstal Fish Pie
    • Reaper Fish Pie
    • Blue Lobster Pie
    • Stone Crab Pie
    • Fire Fish Pie
    • Giant Koi Pie
    • Gian Barracuda Pie
  • New cooking recipes
  • Location specific fishing

Sea Market

  • Fish Monger collects rare fish for rewards
  • Dockmaster loads/unloads your ship for a fee
  • Pirate bounty board
  • New merchants

Boss Encounters

Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer

  • Use Fabled Fishing nets for a chance to summon Scalis (warning- bring a group).  Scalis can be summoned in any deep water.
  • In addition to the new artifacts you have a chance of finding a One Tile Soulforge deed
  • SOT’s specific to the facet

Corgul the Soulbinder Island Encounter

  • Sacrifice a map to the alter in Coventus to get directions to the island.
  • The following Handbooks will drop in the top attackers backpacks or banks, the top 6 in Trammel and the top 12 in Fel.
  • Corgul’s Handbook on Mysticism – Mysticism Spellbook
    • LRC 20
    • LMC 10
    • Mana Regen
    • Defense Chance Increase 5
  • Corgul’s Handbook on the Undead – Necromancy Spellbook
    • LRC 20
    • LMC 10
    • Mana Regen 3
    • Defense Chance Increase 5
  • Corgul’s Enchanted Sash
    • Defense Chance Increase 5
    • Stamina Increase 1
  • In addition to the above items Corgul has a chance to drop the original animated Field of Blades as a deco item.
  • SOT’s specific to the facet

New Artifacts on Scalis and Corgul

Leviathan Hide Bracers –

  • Leather Sleeves
  • Stamina Regen 2
  • Mana Regen 2
  • Casting Focus 2
  • Lower Reagent Cost 10
  • Lower Mana Cost 8
  • Intelligence Bonus 6
  • Resists add to leather base ( +2 PHys, +5 Fire, +7 cold , + 10 Poison, +11 Energy)
  • Cannot imbue.

Ring of the Soulbinder

  • Lower Reagent Cost 10
  • Faster CAsting 1
  • Faster CAst Recovery 3
  • Defense Chance Increase 15
  • Spell Damage Increase 10
  • Mana Regen 2
  • cannot imbue

Helm of Vengeance – Norse Helm

  • Mana Regen 3
  • Reflect Physical 30
  • Hit Chance Increase 7
  • Lower Mana Cost 8
  • Weapon damage increase 10
  • Resists add to leather base ( +7 PHys, +9 Fire, +710cold , + 3 Poison, +6 Energy)

Rune engraved Peg leg – Club

  • HP  regen 3
  • Swing Speed Increase 30
  • Hit Chance increase 5
  • Hit Lower Defense 40
  • Hit Lighting 40
  • Damage Increase 50
  • Chaos Damage

Illustrious Wand of Thundering Glory

  • Damage Increase 50%
  • Hit Chance increase 5%
  • Hit Lighting 40%
  • Spell Channeling No Penalty
  • Chaos Damage 100%
  • (On Use: It Does Nothing!)

Enchanted Coral Bracelet

  • HP Increase 5
  • Faster Casting 1
  • Faster Cast Recovery 3
  • Hit Chance Increase 5
  • Defense Chance Increase 15
  • Mana Regeneration 1
  • Spell Damage Increase 10

Smiling Moon Blade

  • Hit Fireball 45
  • Hit Lowe rDefense 40
  • Swing Speed Increase 30
  • Mana Drain 10
  • Cold 100
  • Damage Increase 45
  • Battle Lust

The Culling Blade

  • Hit Lower Defense 40
  • Hit MAna Drain 30
  • Hit Drain fatigue 30
  • swing speed increase  20
  • Chaos Damage
  • Damage Increase 50

Level 7 Treasure Chests

  • These maps can be found in Level 6 treasure chests, in the pirates hold and a rare chance on one of the boss mobs.  You will see a few new creatures and lots of booty ! This is not a solo encounter.

Non Entitlement Features

Boat Mouse Control

  • Double-click the tiller or wheel of your boat to initiate mouse control
  • Can turn, drift, and sail at two speeds
  • Can use Mouse Control on classic boats by speaking to your tillerman

Smooth Boat Movement

  • Boats now travel smoothly across the ocean in the Classic client and Enhanced Client

Bug Fixes

  • Gargoyles can use throwing weapons on Archery Buttes
  • Can now use natural dyes on Gargish Jewelry
  • Gargish Wing Armor can now be salvaged
  • Players can extinguish Large Candelabras now while locked down
  • Using Animate Dead on Navrey will not cause the corpse to disappear
  • Replaced Haochi the Samurai Guildmaster in New Haven
  • Fixed an issue with Greater Dragons being tamed under the effects of a buff or debuff

Publish 68.1

Bug Fixes

  • Pirates will no longer be deleted off player boats when the pirate boat decays
  • Dead players can now interact with the plank of the legacy ships.
  • Players can now dry dock row boats in deep water and from other ships
  • Fishmongers will no longer bark debug barks.
  • Compassion Sage potions will work correctly now.  You MUST log out and back in with the potions in your backpack for the potions to work correctly.
  • You can now use Sacred Journey to recall from the ships rune and runebook.
  • Navery will now receive the correct damage from the fallen rocks.
  • Default in the Runebooks will no longer be reset
  • Adding 2 alchemist to the docks where you can find the fishmongers.  (This will be manually done tonight)

Publish 68.2

15 Oct 2010

<Bug Fixes

  • Increased the chance to get fishing power scrolls. Quests breaks down to the following: under 80 for shallow water fish, over 80 for deep sea fishing, over 106 for dungeon fishing
  • Fishmonger Quests are now properly removed from the quest journal
  • Resolved an issue with players not receiving the fishing crate when you accept a Fishmonger quest.
  • Fixed the issue with players not being allowed access to the hold of Pirate/Merchant ships in Trammel.
  • Ship control no longer takes up a pet slot.