Kirin Passage

Kirin Passage is a hidden mountain pass reached through a cave south of Humility gate and beyond the elemental canyon
(17.13’N 68.20’W 351, 1428). The entrance is also close to the Resurrection Tree.

Entering the passage a long corridor stretchers away to the north east, greater mongbats, earth elementals patrol it. The first turning on the right is short and mostly unoccupied while the first left winds for a considerable distance back toward the entrance, terminating in a small ruin guarded by a nightmare.

Beyond these turnings, continuing along the main passage, fire elementals and air elementals are met before the path opens up surrounding a stagnant, swampy pool that is home to a poison elemental. To the right of this pool is a small circular area featuring a horse-like pattern of tiles on the floor, a small ruin and the Kirin that gives the passage its name.

Beyond the poison elemental’s pool are two passages, taking the more northern passage brings the adventurer to more corridors branching off. The first left turn leads to a large grassy clearing claimed by dragons and drakes while the second left turn leads to a circle of columns surrounding a sparkle above four glowing runes. This is reputed to be an oracle, though the means to consult it are not clear.

Two parellel passages lead off to the west, both connecting to the other, southerly, exit from the poison elemental’s pool. The southerly passage terminates at a second swampy pool, also guarded by a poison elemental

The northerly passage finally terminates at a ruin and darkness. This is one of the entrances to Ankh Dungeon.