An isolated and secretive cross between peaceful town and dungeon, just finding the entrance to Wind is problematical; protected by a series of twisting mountain trails this subterranean city is high in the Serpent’s Spine.


Finding the entrance is only the first hurdle. The pentagram teleporter that grants access will only do so for characters and pets having at least 70 points in magery. Non magical pets may not enter unless ridden and magical pets will not follow their owner over the pentagram. To take a magical pet into Wind its owner must command the pet to stay before the pentagram, then walk around the pentagram and call the pet to him from behind it, so that the pet steps onto the pentagram first. The owner may then follow the pet into the tunnels below.

Arrival is on a second pentagram, however stepping on this pentagram does nothing, it is not an exit. The town is reached by navigating tunnels that are populated by lich, daemons, drakes and dragons. To find the exit take the first branch from the entrance corridor, left, and follow it until reaching a branch on the right, a second teleporter is found in a small room, or cave (129.38’N 87.53’W 5193, 149). Pass this right turn and continue to the end of the corridor to enter the town.

Pathways in the town are numerous, and confusing, some running along rooftops accessed by stairs. One such pathway leads to yet another teleporter. This gives access to a small park, sadly the park is overrun with monsters. Return to town by stepping onto a further pentagram in the park, close the stone abbatoir on which you arrived there. There are many mages throughout the town, not only in the mage shops but also in the Learned Mage and Seat of Knowledge libraries.

Shops and Public Buildings


North West

inn Seeker’s Inn
(139.55’N 89.55’W 5164, 32)
teleporter To Town
(141.09’N 86.03’W 5219, 18)
teleporter To Park
(136.29’N 87.19’W 5201, 71)
mage Windy Alchemy
(137.22’N 91.03’W 5148, 61)
provisioner Mages Things
(134.07’N 90.37’W 5154. 98)
tailor Windy Clothes
(135.00’N 87.15’W 5202, 88)

Wind Center

eye Park
(137.48’N 83.57’W 5249, 56)
reagents Magical Supplies
(132.21’N 86.16’W 5216, 118)
eye The Learned Mage
(129.59’N 84.39’W 5239, 145)
eye Seat of Knowledge
(127.00’N 84.09’W 5246, 179)
inn Windy Inn
(127.52’N 86.20’W 5215, 169)
healer Windy Healer
(131.23’N 82.53’W 5264, 129)

North East

mage Alchemist of Wind
(134.44’N 80.13’W 5302, 91)
bank Wind Bank
(135.47’N 77.12’W 5345, 79)
baker Mages Appetite
(137.43’N 76.55’W 5349, 57)
inn Bunkhouse
(139.39’N 79.31’W 5312, 35)