Trade Center of the Tokuno Islands. Zento is located on Makoto-Jima island, the smallest of the Tokuno named islands. Ihara Soko, the Imperial Minister of Trade, found within the Rockuon Cultural Center (R.C.C. in the table below), is the representative of the Empress of the this Island Empire. The Cultural Center incorporates several trades under its one roof, as does the Suteki Na Craftworks (S.Na C. in the table below).

Zento is a walled city, with an inner, double, wooden wall enclosing the buildings and an outer, stone wall that encompasses the entire city including the moongate (36.54’N36.37’W 802, 1204) and gardens. Beyond the city walls player housing surrounds the town with the Shrine of Makoto by the northern road side and the town’s docks at the terminus of the only road exiting the city’s center to the south.

In addition to the Imperial Minister of Trade, further persons of interest in the town are Ansella Gryen and  the Officer at Zento Docks.

Shops and Public Buildings


shrine Shrine of Makoto
(40.52’N 42.36’W 717, 1159)
tavern Sake Saka Tavern
(36.17’N 44.55’W 684, 1211)
inn Miyabi Inn
(35.14’N 44.09’W 695, 1223)
leather S.Na C. – Leather shop
(35.04’N 42.15’W 722, 1225)
carpenter S.Na C – Carpenter shop
(36.07’N 41.33’W 732, 1213)
tinker S.Na C – Tinker shop
(36.112’N 40.34’W 746, 1212)
tailor S.Na C – Tailor shop
(35.04’N 40.30’W 747, 1225)
healer Satori Healing Garden
(35.25’N 38.02’W 782, 1221)
eye R.C.C. – Library
(32.31’N 45.00’W 683, 1254)
tinker R.C.C. – Tinker Shop
(31.12.N 45.50’W 671, 1269)
customs R.C.C. – Customs (31.33’N 44.30’W 690, 1265) baker Koku Kitchens
(31.38’N 43.27’W)
bank bank of Zento
(33.02’N 41.20’W 735, 1248)
blacksmith Mibu Blacksmith
(32.46’N 38.23’W 777, 1251)
provisioner Zento Provides
(30.03’N 41.41’W 730, 1282)
stables Yume Stables
(30.29’N 38.19’W 778, 1277)
reagents Sasara Magical Supplies and Remedies
(28.39’N 45.04’W 682, 1298)
mage Sasara Magical Supplies and Remedies
(28.33’N 43.48’W 700, 1299)
jeweler Good Fortunes Jewelry
(28.28’N 41.54’W 727, 1300)
blacksmith Iroha Armorer and Musha-Shugyo Dojo
(28.07’N 40.13’W 751, 1304)
bowyer Kagome Bowyer
(28.12’N 37.58’W 783, 1303)