Located in the northwest region of Britannia, on the edge of the Deep Forest, Yew is named for the large, majestic Yew trees that surround it. The city is a strange mix of scattered farms and residences, a small village-like center and larger, more imposing edifices such as Empath Abbey and the Court of Truth. A small island off the North West coast houses Britannia prison, the only route to it being from the Court of Truth. Hidden within the prison’s annexe is a route to the Lost Lands Lighthouse.

In Felucca the city is one of the cities contested by Vice versus Virtue. The virtue associated with the city is Justice, the opposing vice is Wrong.

In Trammel the city is one of nine having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

The same reciprocal arrangement of officials applies as in some other cities. The silver trader being found close to Ye Olde Winery, the guard captain is in a guard post close to the Court of truth and the Minister of Trade is outside Great Oak Vessels, the Shipwright.

At the center of the small group of shops is a magical sparkle giving access to Heartwood, domain of the elves, and scattered around the farms and forest are a number of visitors to the town requiring escort to other locations. The nearest public moongate is North East of the Abbey (76.38’N 38.48’W 771, 752).

Shops and Public Buildings


dungeon To Lighthouse
(73.18’N 70.39’W 318, 790)
eye Court of Truth
(64.46’N 67.51’W 358, 887)
eye Yew Mill
(70.24’N 54.12’W 552, 823)
inn Abbey Inn
(70.50’N 50.07’W 610, 818)
eye Empath Abbey
(68.12’N 48.30’W 633, 848)
bank Abbey Banker
(70.45’N 46.45’W 658, 819)
eye Ye Olde Winery
(64.51’N 49.30’W 619, 886)
healer Healer of Yew
(58.05’N 55.32’W 533, 963)
bowyer The Sturdy Bow
(57.23’N 53.05’W 568, 971)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(56.36’N 49.51’W 614, 980)
leather The Tanner Hide
(55.32.N 56.44’W 516, 992)
teleporter To Heartwood
(55.27’N 55.20’W 536, 993)
baker The Jolly Baker
(55.01’N 53.55’W 556, 998)
butcher Yew’s Finest Cuts
(53.42’N 55.28’W 534, 1013)
carpenter Bloody Thumb Woodworks
(53.36’N 52.56’W 570, 1014)
shipwright Great Oak Vessels
(51.24’N 48.26’W 634, 1039)
healer Deep Forest Healing
(47.11’N 47.31’W 647, 1087)
cemetery Yew Cemetery
(44.23’N 42.07’W 724, 1119)
bowyer Great Oak Bowyer
(41.50’N 49.13’W 623, 1148)