Vesper is located in north eastern Britannia, at the mouth of a river. The city is fragmented, being built on both banks of the river and over a dozen islands in the river mouth, the whole being connected by a series of bridges. The city’s graveyard is on the river’s West bank and a stairway leading below one of the small buildings there gives access to a passageway to the Lost Lands.

Located on one of the more southern islands is the city’s Museum. Donations to this may earn rewards.

In Trammel the city is one of nine having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system. The Guard Captain and the Minister of Trade can both be found at the city’s docks in the company of the fish monger

Notable citizens of the city are Leon the Alchemist, Dermott the Weaver, Patricus the Trader, Alberta Giacco the Respected Painter and Champ Huthwait the Seedy Cobbler

Shops and Public Buildings


The East River Bank

tailor The Spinning Wheel
(88.09’N 115.01’E 2059, 621)
provisioner The Adventurer’ Supply
(86.18’N 117.16’E 2991, 642)

The River Mouth Islands

mage The Bubbling Brew
(85.15’N 110.15’E 2891, 654)
mage The Magical Light
(83.50’N 112.08’E 918, 670)
bank The Mint of Vesper
(82.42’N 109.28’E 2880, 683)
painter The Colored Canvas
(880.19’N 111.05’E 2903, 710)
jeweler The Shimmering Jewel
(79.21’N 109.03’E 2874, 721)
guilds The Ore of Vesper
(78.02’N 107.43’E 2855, 736)
bard The Musician’s Hall
(77.41’N 110,02’E 2888, 740)
eye The Busy Bees
(80.41’N 114.49’E 2956, 706)
baker The Twisted Oven
(75.40’N 117.59’E 3001, 117.59’E)
eye Farmer’s Market
(75.29’N 119.36’E 3024, 765)
butcher The Butcher’s Knife
(74.16’N 117.21’E 2992, 779)
eye Fisherman’s Wharf
(73.54’N 118.58’E 3015, 783)
tinker The Gadget’s Corner
(73.22’N 110.15’E 2891, 787)
carpenter The Hammer and Nail
(72.25’N 112.30’E 2923, 800)
blacksmith The Warrior’s Companion
(71.58’N 106.27’E 2837, 805)
bowyer The Ranger’s Tool
(71.37’N 108.04’E 2860, 809)
guilds The Fisherman’s Guild
(71.06’N 115.06’E 2960, 815)
shipwright The Majestic Boat
(71.16’N 117.37’E 2996, 813)
Dock Vesper Docks
(69.57’N 119.48’E 3027, 828)
reagents The Magician’s Friend
(68.59’N 117.12’E 2990, 839)
blacksmith The Ironworks
(67.45’N 108.25’E 2865, 853)
provisioner The Adventurer’s Friend
(66.31’N 106.22’E 2836 867)
tailor The Spinning Wheel
(65.07’N 106.18’E 2835, 883)
guilds The Champions of Light
(63.06’N 106.31’E 2838, 06)
guilds The Counselor’s Guild
(59.51’N 106.56’E 2844, 943)
healer Healer of Vesper
(67.30’N 112.21’E 2921, 856)
inn Vesper Youth Hostel
(65.18’N 114.53’E 2957, 881)
tavern The Marsh Hall
(62.55’N 110.36’E 2896, 908)
customs Vesper Customs
(60.22’N 114.02’E 2945, 937)
pin_green Vesper Museum
(56.36’N 112.30’E 2923, 980)
leather Tanner’s Shop
(54.55’N 108.08’E 2861, 999)

The West River Bank

eye Vesper Cemetery
(67.19’N 100.15’E 2749, 858)
dungeon To Lost Lands
(64.30’N 101.44’E 2770, 890)
inn The Ironwood Inn
(58.05’N 102.35’E 2782, 963)
eye Vesper Guard Tower
(56.20’N 99.42’E 2741, 983)