This dark and sinister town surrounded by a star field moat and bordering on the Corrupted Forest in the southern continent of Malas is the domain of Necromancers.

Contained within the city’s boundaries are a public moongate (20.55’N 47.23’E 1997, 1386) and the entrance to the Bedlam dungeon. Two bridges, one East and one West, connect the town to the rest of Malas.

Where the town touches the mountain a stairway leads up to a now empty building where once Mardoth, the guildmaster of the Necromantic Brotherhood could be found and just outside the city, to the north, is the tomb of Maabus; a necromancer of some importance in history. Each building has a grey teleport tile which once linked the two, but are now disconnected.

Notable persons found in the city are Aernya the Mistress of Admissions and Drithen the Fierce

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Tomb of Maabus
(33.55’N 49.13’E 2023, 1238)
carpenter Warped Woodworks
(29.37’N 52’01’E 2063, 1287)
stables Critters Pens
(26.53’N 47.23’E 1997, 1318)
inn Wailing Banshee Inn(26.53’N 50.20’E 2039, 1318) provisioner Gravedigger’s Apparatus
(26.00’N 48.43’E 2016, 1328)
tailor Darkweave
(25.55’N 52.56’E 2076, 1329)
bank Umbra Bank
(24.31’N 50.50’E 2046, 1345)
baker Ghast Refectory
(23.43’N 48.39’E 2015, 1354)
tavern Skeleton Swill
(23.54’N 49.30’E 2027, 1352)
blacksmith Armoury of Souls
(23.01’N 46.37’E 1986, 1362)
dungeon Bedlam
(22.03’N 52.14’E 2066, 1373)
healer Bloodletter’s Guild
(21.42’N 52.52’E 2075, 1377)
mage Necromancer Amphitheater
(21.05’N 49.17’E 2024, 1384)
jeweler Lich’s Hoard
(19.51’N 51.07’E 2050, 1398)