The second largest city in Britannia, Trinsic consists of a river delta area, which divides the town into two main areas, and two islands; Paladin Isle and Barrier Isle. A substantial stone wall surrounds the city and the river has been utilised to create a moat around the landward side. A further, internal, wall divides the upper commercial area from the barracks and training area of the Paladins

In Felucca the city is one of the cities contested by Vice versus Virtue. The virtue associated with the city is Honor, the opposing vice is Shame.

In Trammel the city is one of nine having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

The same reciprocal arrangement of officials applies as in some other cities. The silver trader being found close to the city’s Royal Bank, the guard captain is inside the jail, near the city’s West gate and the Minister of Trade is on the dock, accompanied by the fish monger.

Persons of note in the city are Tomas O’Neerlan the Famed Toymaker, Derek the Merchant, Kane the Master of Arms, Gareth the Emissary of the RBC, Hepler Paulson the Salvage Master and Jack the Loan Shark. There are also a number of visitors to the town requiring escort to other locations.

Shops and Public Buildings


Upper Trinsic

blacksmith Shining Path Armory
(90.26’S 40.08’E1894, 2653)
guilds Tinker’s Guild
(92.38’D 37,03’E 1850, 2678)
bank Trinsic Royal Bank
(93.25’S 40.17’E 1896, 2687)
eye Barracks
(93.30’S 43.01’E 1935, 2688
93.46’S 44.43’E 1959, 2691
95.26’S 43.14’E 1938, 2710)
eye Training Ground
(94.34’S 45,59’E 1977, 2700)
mage Encyclopedia Magicka
(95.26’AS 36.33’E 1843, 2710)
eye Trinsic Meeting Hall
(96.19’S 40.08’E 1894, 2720)
stables Trinsic Stablery
(97.49’S 35.03’E 1822, 2737)
inn The Traveler’s Inn
(97.49’S 36.45’E 1846, 2737)
guilds Brotherhood of Trinsic
(97.54’S 43.14’E 1938, 2738)
eye Jail
(100.22’S 37.11’E 1852, 2766)
eye Park
(100.01’S 40.08’E 1894, 2762)
blacksmith Honorable Arms
(100.43’S 43.01’E 1935, 2770)
provisioner Britannia Provisions
(102.34’S 37.11’E 1852, 2791
tavern The Keg and Anchor
(102.49’S 42.49’E 1932, 2794)
baker Baked Delights
(103.53’S 39.18’E 1882, 2806)
jeweler The Pearl of Trinsic
(103.58’S 40.30’E 1899, 2807)
healer Trinsic Healer
(103.53’S 41.33’E 1914, 2806)
bank Bank of Britannia: Trinsic Branch
(105.38’S 34.35’E 1815, 226)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(106.15’S 40.00’E 1892, 2833)

Paladin Isle

eye Paladin’s Library
(96.35’S 47.44’E 2002, 2723)
eye Trinsic Training Hall
(98.42’S 48.52’E 2018, 2747)

Lower Trinsic

stables First Trinsic Stable
(103.53’S 48.14’E 2009, 2806)
inn The Rusty Anchor
(103.16’S 49.46E 2031, 2799)
tailor Adventurer’s Cloth
(106.36’S 46.20’E 1982, 2837)
shipwright Sons of the Sea
(107.08’S 49.30’E 2027, 2843)
Dock Trinsic Docks
(108.11’S 52.39’E 2072, 2855)
leather Trinsic Fine Skins
(109.04’S 46.49’E 1989, 2865)
butcher The Trinsic Cut
(110.44’S 46.49’E 1989, 2884)