Serpent’s Hold

Serpent’s Hold

This military stronghold is built on two islands linked by a bridge. The northern island is heavily fortified with high stone walls, the land of the southern island, the Isle of Deeds, is unwelcoming, infested with venomous snakes and alligators.

A cave just west of the north dock gives access to Fire Dungeon, through which it is possible to reach the desert area of Lost Lands.

Persons of note in the stronghold are Nedrick the Iron Worker and, in Felucca only, Slim the Fence

Shops and Public Buildings


North Island

guilds Counsellor’s Guild
(151.52’S 113.50’E 2942, 3352)
baker Plenty O’Dough
(152.18’S 115.56’E 2972, 3357)
mage Serpent’s Spells
(152.18’S 117.50’E 3001, 3357)
reagents Britannian Herbs
(151.57’S 118.41’E 3011, 3353)
guilds Serpent’s Warriors
(151.41’S 120.01’E 3030, 3350)
bowyer Sliver Serpent Bows
(153.11’S 121’30’E 3051, 3367)
provisioner Supplies
(154.57’S 118.24’E 3007, 3387)
dungeon Fire
(156.26’S 112.30’E 2923, 3404)
Dock North Docks
(157.03’S 113.54’E 2943, 3411)
inn The Broken Arrow Inn
(156.31’S 115.27’E 2965, 3405)
blacksmith Blacksmith
(156.47’S 118.24’E 3007, 3408)
guilds The Warrior’s Guild
(155.39’S 121.42’E 3054, 3395)
tavern The Dog and Lion Pub
(158.12’S 115.48’E 2970, 3424)
healer Serpent’s Hold Healer
(158.49’S 117.37’E 2996, 3431)
blacksmith Serpent’s Arms
(158.49’S 118.58’E 3015, 3431)
Dock South Docks
(160.50’S 117.21’E 2992, 3454)
tavern Fisherman’s Brew
(161.00’s 118.41’E 3011, 3456)
stables Serpent’s Hold Stablery
(161.48’S 120.18’E 3034, 3465)

South Island

bank Serpent’s Hold Bank
(152.14’S 109.24’E 2879, 3470)
butcher Serpent’s Hold Meats
(163.23’S 111.30’E 2909, 3483)
tailor Silver Serpent Tailor
(165.14’WS 109.24’E 2879, 3504)
stables Serpent Hold Stablery
(166.01’S 111.05’E 2903, 3513)
tinker Tinker of the Isle
(165.19’S 113.33’E 2938, 3505)