Royal City

Royal City

Seat of power for the land of Ter Mur and home of its monarch, Queen Zhah, this is a walled city at the center of the land. The city has an abundance of citizens requiring quests to be done, from Queen Zhah herself to humble shop keepers, and even a slightly disreputable inhabitant, Sliem the Fence. The town is also staffed by a pair of Clean Up Officers found close to the public soulforge.

There is a public moongate just outside the city, opposite the steps of the south east entrance.

Citizens of note are:

Agralem the Bladeweaver Axem the Curator
Aliabeth The Tinker Egwexem the Noble
Prassel the Security Liason Xeninlor the Security Advisor
Laifem the Weaver Linzrom The Guard Captain
Ortlem the Mystic Percolem the Hunter
Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen Beninort the Artificer
Aurvidlem the Artificer Ansikart the Artificer
Thepem the Apprentice Zosilem the Alchemist

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Queen’s Soulforge
(153.48’S 40.13’W 751, 3374)
leather Tanner
(154.57’S 36.16’W 807, 3387)
tailor Tailor (Carpet Shop)
(156.10’S 36,16’W 807, 3401)
stables Stables
(156.53’S 33.11’W 851, 3409)
eye Museum
(157.39’S 46.37’W 660, 3416)
jeweler Jeweler
(158.43’S 38.15.W 779, 3430)
eye Public Soulforge
(158.33’S 37.07’W 795, 3428)
blacksmith Blacksmith
(158.06’S 35.30’W 818, 3423)
carpenter Carpenter
(158.49’S 35.26’W 819, 3431)
tinker Tinker
(159,36’S 35.30’W 818, 3440)
bank Royal Bank
(159.36’S 33.57’W 840, 3440)
inn Inn
(162.14’S 40.59’W 740, 3470)
reagents Reagents Shop
(161.58’S 38.44’W 772, 3467)
mage Mage Shop
(163.54’S 38.44’W 772, 3489)
healer Healer
(164.05’S 37.53’W 784, 3491)
provisioner Provisioner
(164.10’s 37.07’W 795, 3492)
baker Baker
(164.21’S 36.04’W 810, 3494)
bard Ter Mur Conservatory
(167.10’S 42.19’W 721, 3526)