Built on platforms high above the swamps and constructed of rattan panels roofed with palm fronds, Papua is the second of the two towns in the Lost Lands. Entry by magical pentagram from Moonglow brings the adventurer to an identical pentagram in the mage shop. Return to Moonglow can be achieved by means of a second password, ‘Recsu’.

On the coast at the far East of the town is the town’s dock, on which a fishmonger will give and receive fishing quests. Sailing a ship to this port also requires the use of a password, uttered while alongside a magical Serpent Pillar. To reach lost lands waters you must sail to the pillar east of Trinsic (111.00’s 117.00E 2987,2887) and use the magic word ‘Doracron’. You will arrive close to the second Serpent Pillar (36.17’N 11.57’W 5974, 2699) through which to return after your journey to Papua dock. To return to Britannia waters the magic word is ‘Sueacron’.

serpent-pillar serpent-pillarLL

Shops and Public Buildings


bank Ye Olde Loans and Savings(1.34’S 33.19’W 5670, 3130) jeweler Strange Rocks
(3.15’S 33.57’W 5661, 3149)
inn The Just Inn
(4.18’S 26.17’W 5770, 3161)
mage Trick of the Trade
(6.09’S 29.02’W 5731, 3182)
teleporter To Moonglow (rescsu)
(6.56’S 29.02’W 5731, 3191)
baker Nature’s Best Baked Goods
(7.17’S 27.33’W 5752, 3195)
carpenter The Carpentry House
(8.36’S 31.34’W 5695, 3210)
reagents The Reagent Shop
(7.49’S 30.14’W 5714, 2301)
healer The Healing Hand
(9.40’S 28.45’W 5735, 3222)
tinker Tinker’s Paradise
(11.25’S 29.15’W 5728, 3242)
Dock Papua Docks
(12.18’S 22.17’W 5827, 3252)
provisioner Adventure Outfitters
(13.11’S 28.37’W 5737, 3262)
tailor Papua Tailor
(13.53’S 27.25’W 5754, 3270)
shipwright Pier 39
(13.53’S 23.50’W 5805, 3270)
stables Southside Stables
(15.12’S 33.07’W 5673, 3285)
butcher The Southish Butchery
(14.40’S 31.13’W 5700, 3279)
blacksmith The Revenge Shop
(16.26’S 23.54’W 5804, 3299)