The Town and Island of Ocllo exists only in Felucca, its location corresponding with that of Haven on the Trammel facet. The town is bordered on the eastern side by farmland; the road south through the fields terminates at Ocllo Arena (100.38’S 172.15’E 3773, 2769).

Ocllo is one of the eight towns contested by Vice versus Virtue, though having no virtue directly associated with it, the town takes up the gauntlet on behalf of its near neighbor, Magincia. The virtue associated with Magincia is now Humility after its fall, which may be attributed to its close association with the opposing vice, Pride.

Unlike the other similar towns, the Silver trader is not found beside the bank. Instead he is at the rear of the Healer shop (85.15’S 161.47’E 3624, 2594)

A citizen of note in the town is Slim the Fence. Ocllo is the only town where the NPC’s ‘Cashual’ are found, in the mage shop. They have the same inventory as mages, but train a different mixture of skills.

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Ocllo Public Library
(74.37’S 161.00’E 3613, 2473)
theater First Academy of Music
(74.58’S 166.00’E 3684, 2477)
painter Paint and More
(77.10’S 163.03’E 3642, 2502)
guilds Counselor’s Guilld Hall
(77.20’S 164.48’E 3667, 2504)
bank Bank of Ocllo
(77.57’S 166.34’E 3692, 2511)
bard The Bardic Guild
(79.48’S 164.40’E 3665, 2532)
mage The Sorcerer’s Guild
(80.25’S 162.04’E 3628, 2539)
provisioner Last Chance Provisioners
(82.21’S 162.33’E 3635, 2561)
baker Now You’re Cookin’
(83.24’S 160.48’E 3610, 2573)
blacksmith Hamer and Steel Smithy
(84.59’S 162.50’E 3639, 2591)
tailor A Stitch in Time
(84.38’S 164.57’E 3669, 2587)
leather Better Leather Tannery
(86.34’S 160.18.E 3603, 2609)
healer Healer of Ocllo
(86.18’S 162.00’E 3627, 2606)
inn The Bountiful Harvest
(87.00’S 165.09’E 3672, 2614)
shipwright Anchor Aweight
(89.01’S 162.33’E 3635, 2637)
inn The Albatross
(90.10S 164.52’E 3668, 2650)
butcher Sweet Meat
(90.10’S 167.45’E 3709, 2650)
Dock Ocllo Docks(91.24’S 163.37’E 3650, 2664)