The barren, desert isle of NuJel’m is ruled by a sultan and has a somewhat bloody history, as evidenced by the guillotine placed outside the debtor’s prison.The main city is a center of entertainment and artistry while the more mundane crafts are relegated to single rude stone building far to the west of the more splendid city establishments, close to the city’s cemetery.

Citizens of note in the city are Lefty the Ticket Seller, Belulah the Scorned and Thalia the Bride, there are also visitors in the city requiring escorts. Felucca Nujelm has one further person of note, Slim the Fence.

The tip of the north east promontory of the island is the location to the entrance to the dungeon, Prism of Light.

Shops and Public Buildings


dungeon Prism of Light
(45.58’N 163.06’E 3785,1101)
cemetery Nujel’m Cemetery
(42.27’N 154.58’E 3527, 1141)
butcher Nujel’m Butcher
(39.54’N 156.56’E 3555, 1170)
jeweler Jewel of the Isle
(39.59’N 172.24’E 3775, 1169)
tailor Nujel’m Tannery
(39.11’N 156.14’E 3545, 1178)
blacksmith Nujel’m Blacksmith
(38.40’N 156.13E 3546, 1184)
bowyer Nujel’m Bowyer
(37.52’N 156.22’E 3547, 1193)
blacksmith Public Smithing
(37.05’N 157.00’E 3556, 1202)
bard Bardic Guild
37.47’N 169.56’E 3740, 1194)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(38.08’N 171.42’E 3765, 1190)
shipwright Seaborne Ships
(35.51’N 167.12’E 3701, 1216)
theater Nujel’m Theater
(34.53’N 169.48’E 3738, 1227)
tavern Mystical Spirits
(35.14’N 171.20’E 3762, 1223)
tavern The Silver Bow
(32.25’N 169.31’E 3734, 1255)
tailorr Tailor of the Isle
(31.48’N 171.42’E 3765, 1262)
eye Nujel’m Palace
(30.35’N166.17’E 3688, 1276)
inn Restful Slumber
(27.41’N 169.18’E 3731, 1309)
bank Bank of Nujel’m
(26.58’N 171.33’E 3763, 1317)
eye The Chessboard
(23.12’N 169.06’E 3728, 1360)
eye Debtor’s Prison
(21.21’N 168.07’E 3714, 1381)
eye Nujel’m Court
(20.02’N 168.23’E 3718, 1396)