New Magincia

New Magincia

Magincia, with its estates of Magincian nobles and a large temple to Pride, was totally destroyed by demons except for the small island which was home of the Magincia Parliament, connected to the large island by two large ornate bridges and now housing the town’s bank and bazaar warehouse.

New Magincia, rising from the ashes, is a more humble location. A lottery, for purposes of granting the right to construct private residences and shops in the city proper and close-by outskirts, raised money for the construction of a number of public buildings close to the dock, including a small shelter where smiths and tailors ply their trade next to the inn. Much of the area that was in the past the commercial district is given over to the Magincia Bazaar and the public planting of flowers and shrubs is permitted in the public garden and around the city.

In Trammel the city is one of nine having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system. The Guard Captain and the Minister of Trade are both found at the entrance to the dock. Although the town is not contested in Felucca there is a silver trader found at the bank.

Clean up officers for the Clean Up Britannia campaign are found close to the fountain in the center of town and a variety of visitors to the city require escorts.

The town’s moongate is found far to the west of the city, beyond a small wood, (45.10’S 157.30’E 3563, 2138)

Shops and Public Buildings

eye Gazebo
(38.45’S 168.32’E 3720, 2065)
eye Magincia Public Garden
(42.53’S 165.09’E 3672, 2112)
eye Magincia Public Garden
(50.48’S 169,22’E 3732, 2202)
shipwright Fishermen’s and Shipwright’s Guilds
(55.43’S 164.52’E 3668, 2258)
inn Modest Damsel
(55.06’S 16.34’E 3692,2251)
bank Bank of Magincia
(54.55’s 173.15’E 3787, 2249)
Dock Magincia Dock
(58.53’S 165.30’E 3677, 2294)

The Sandy Smithy &
Sandy in Ya Britches
(54.55’S 1667.41’E 3708, 2249)