Moonglow is a city dedicated to magic and mystical arts, found on the island of Verity. The principle area of the city is fenced and gated, surrounding a maze from which teleporters connect to the more outlying shops and facilities. One of these, the Encyclopedia Magicka, contains a magical pentagram, which proves to be a further teleporter. Saying, or more discretely whispering, the password ‘Recdu’ while standing on this will transport you to the Lost lands, to a second pentagram in the town of Papua. The city’s tinkers have no dedicated shop, instead they can be found in the city’s bank.

A public moongate is found south of the bank (29.58’N 138.56’W 4467, 1283) while a little further south and east is the city’s graveyard and beyond that the Moonglow Zoo, contributions to which may earn rewards.

In Felucca the city was briefly the location of the Council of Mages faction stronghold after the destruction of Magincia. With the loss of the stronghold in the Magincian Parliament Building a new base, surrounded by a strange star field, appeared at the southern edge of the city. The base is now abandoned, the faction disbanded, and Moonglow has become the fourth of the cities contested by Vice versus Virtue. The virtue associated with the city is Honesty, the opposing vice is Deciet.

In Trammel the city is one of nine having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

The same reciprocal arrangement of officials applies as in some other cities. The silver trader being found close to the city’s bank, the guard captain is beyond the East gate, beside a house just past the Moonglow Academy of Arts and the Minister of Trade is on the dock at the northern edge of the city, accompanied by the fish monger.

There area number of visitors to the town requiring escort to other locations.

Shops and Public Buildings


teleporter To Papua (recdu)
(68.01’N 133.14’W 4548, 850)
mage Encyclopedia Magicka
(66.47’N 133.18’W 4547, 864)
eye The Lyceum
(54.45’N 149.54’W 43ll, 1001)
Dock Moonglow Dock
(51.40’N 143.09’W 4402, 1036)
baker Mage’s Bread
(49.07’N 144.21’W 4390, 1065)
provisioner The Scholar’s Goods
(49.07’N 142.39’W 4414, 1065)
tailor Scholar’s Cut
(49.18’N 139.46’W)
inn Moonglow Student Hostel
(49.13’N 137.48’W 4483, 1064)
painter Academy of Arts
(49.23’N 134’51’W 4525, 1062)
healer Moonglow Healer
(47.17’N 144’21’W 4390, 1086)
carpenter The Mage’s Sear
(47.17’N 142.31’W 4416, 1086)
mage Moonglow Finest Alchemy
42.27’N 139.55’W 4453, 1084)
eye Farmer’s Market
(47.17’N 138.09’W(4478, 1086)
blacksmith The Mighty Axe
(44.49’N 144.21’W 4390, 1114)
reagents Moonglow Reagent Shop
(44.54’N 142.27’W 4417, 1113)
butcher The Fatted Calf
(42.53’N 144’00’W 4395, 1136)
reagents Herbal Splendor
(43.03’N 142.39’W 4414, 1134)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(43.51’N 138.09’W 4478, 1125)
eye Telescope
(44.28’N 121.59’W 4708, 1118)
inn The Scholar’s Inn
(40.31’N 143.51’W 4397, 1163)
blacksmith Second Defense Armory
(40.36’N 140.45’W 4441, 1162)
bank The First Bank of Moonglow
(40.31’N 138.26’W 4474, 1163)
mage Masters of Illusion
(36.49’N 127.49’W 4625, 1205)
cemetery Moonglow Cemetery
(26.53’N 133.35’W 4543, 1318)
eye Moonglow Zoo
(21.47’N 135.37’W 4514, 1376)
mage The Sorcerer’s Guild
(18.37’N 123’40’W 4684, 1412)