The mining town of Minoc is third (alphabetically) of the Feluccan towns contested by Vice versus Virtue. The virtue associated with the town is that of Sacrifice, the opposing vice being Covetous

Minoc in Trammel is also third in a group of nine cities, having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

The same reciprocal arrangement of officials applies as in Britain and Jhelom. The silver trader being found close to the town’s bank, the guard captain in Minoc Town Hall and the Minister of Trade outside the East wall of The Barnacle Tavern.

Citizens of note in the town are Andros the Blacksmith and Ben the Apprentice Necromancer. There are also a number of visitors to the town requiring escort to other locations.

Travellers should be aware that Minoc has no Inn at which they may find a bed and no facilities for mages.  The nearest public moongate is some distance south of the town, roughly equidistant from both Minoc and Vesper.

Shops and Public Buildings


stables Stables
(109.46’N 84.39’E 2527, 375)
tavern The Barnacle
(107.29’N 81.00’E 2475, 401)
butcher The Slaughtered Cow
(106.41’N 78.23’E 2438, 410)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(104.19’N 78.07’E 2434, 437)
provisioner The Old Miners’ Supplies
(105.01’N 79’27’E 2453, 429)
guilds The New World Order(105.01’E 81.29’E 2482, 429)
guilds The Golden Pickaxe
(105.01’N 82.49’E 2501,429)
tinker Gears and Gadget
(102.34’N 80.05’E 2462.457)
carpenter The Oak Throne
(100.59’N 83.31’E 2511, 475)
guilds The Matewan
(100.01’N 79.27’E 2453, 486)
eye Statues
(96.51’N 80.26’E 2467, 522)
eye Minoc Town Hall
(96.19’N 77.33’E 2426, 528)
leather The Stretched Hide
(96.30’N 84.05’E 2519, 526)
bard The Mystical Lute
(94.13’N 77.12’E 2421, 552)
bank Bank of Minoc
(94.02’N 82.58’E 2503, 554)
provisioner The Survival Shop
(94.39’N 85.00’E 2532, 547)
blacksmith The Forgery
(93.25’N 80.47’E 2472, 561)
blacksmith Warrior’s Battle Gear
(92.06’N 84.47’E 2529, 576)
healer The Healing Hand
(90.21’N 88.06’E 2576, 596)
eye Mining Camp
(96.24’N 88.48’E)
eye Gypsy Camp
(85.25’N 85.04’E)