The walled city of Luna is one of the two cities of Malas, found to the west of the northern continent. The central, main building houses the bank and most of the city’s trades with the inn above them.

The building is enclosed by an inner wall, along with the city’s moongate (96.24’N 21.39’W 1015, 527). A further, outer, wall encloses a street of player houses circling the city.

Both walls have towers at each corner. The North eastern tower of the inner wall is given over to the city’s stable while the North western tower of the outer wall is the Wizard’s Tower mage shop. This shop, in addition to the usual mage, alchemist and herbalist, has a map maker on staff.

The mages in Luna’s shops are holy mages, for Luna is a city important to the principles of Chivalry. Keepers of Chivalry stand in pairs at either end of the entrance to the main building and the Shrine of Wisdom is found in a large meeting room on the upper floor. The Vault of Secrets is housed in the North East tower of the outer wall.

A citizen of note in the town is Gorrow the Mayor

Shops and Public Buildings


Lower Level

mage Wizard’s Tower
(103.00’N 29.10’W 908, 452)
eye Vault of Secrets
(103.11’N 17.17’W 1077, 450)
stables Proud Bridle
(98.57’N 20.48’W 1027, 498)
healer Healers
(97.12’N 26.00’W 953, 518)
blacksmith Shining Blades
(97.44’N 24.23’W 976, 512)
provisioner Open Market
(97.49’N 23.12’W 993, 511)
carpenter Hardwoods and More
(97.38’N 22.34’W 1002, 513)
healer Healers
(97.12’N 20.44’W 1028, 518)
bank Luna Bank
97.01’N 23.24’W 990, 520<
tailor Clothier’s Colors
(96.24’N 24.19’W 977, 527)
mage Sage’s Refuge
(96.19’N 22.34’W)

Upper Level

shrine Shrine of Wisdom
(97.59’N 24.28’W 975, 509)
inn Paladin’s Stopover
96.30’N 23.20’W 991, 526)