Jhelom is spread over three islands off the south west tip of the mainland, though only the central and southern island host commercial establishments, the northern isle having only a dock and livestock enclosures at its southern tip.

The second (alphabetically) of the eight Felucca cities contested under the Vice versus Virtue System; the virtue associated with Jhelom is Valor, the opposing vice being Destard.

Jhelom in Trammel is also the second in a group of nine cities, having an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

The same reciprocal arrangement of officials applies. The silver trader being found close to the town’s bank, the guard captain in a small building close to the Morning Star Inn and the Minister of Trade at the more southern of the main island’s two docks. The Fish Monger is also found at this dock for those undertaking fishing quests.

Citizen of note in the city is Aurelia the Architect’s Daughter, Iosep the Exporter and Madeline Harte the Seamstress

Shops and Public Buildings


Main (Central) Island

guilds Brothers In Arms
(177.00’N 2.31’E 1359, 3706)
blacksmith First Defense
(176.44’N 4.42’E 1309, 3709)
guilds Counselor’s Guild
(177.00’N 6.32’E 1416, 3706)
Dock Jhelom Docks
(177.48’N 12.14’E 1416, 3706)
blacksmith Second Skin
(175.46’N 8.13’E 1449, 3720)
cemetery Jhelom Cemetery
(174.38’N 2.44’W 1284, 3733)
baker Bakery’s Dozen
(174.38’N 2.44’E 1362, 3733)
eye The Dueling Pit
(173.40’N 5.20’E 1399, 3744)
guilds Ocean’s Treasure
(173.08’N 7.52’E 1435, 3750)
shipwright Sailor’s Keeper
(173.45’N 9.04’E 1452, 3743)
blacksmith Deadly Intentions
(172.15’N 2.19’E 1356, 3760)
bank Jhelom Bank and Jeweler
(170.56’N 0.16’W 1319, 3775)
tailor Adventurer’s Needle
(170.19’N 2.23’E 1357, 3782)
eye Jhelom Library
(170.56’N 4.21’E 1385, 3775)
healer Jhelom Healer
(170.46’N 6.23’E 1414, 3777)
tavern The Horse’s Head
(170.51’N 9.00’E 1451, 3776)
inn The Morning Star Inn
(167.20N 2.36’E 1360, 3816)
tinker Gadgets and Things
(168.08’N 5.24’E 1400, 3807)
provisioner Needful Things
(168.50’N 8.22’E 1442, 3799)
carpenter From Tree to Yew
(166.48’N 7.44’E 1433, 3822)
teleporter To Jhelom North
(166.38’N 5.58’E 1408, 3824)
eye Farmer’s Market
(166.12’N 4.46’E 1391, 3829)
teleporter To Jhelom South
(165.50’N 6.45’E 1419, 3833)
blacksmith Warrior’s Bounty
(164.05’N 6.45’E 1419, 3853)
blacksmith Jhelom Armory
(164.05’N 9.12’E 1454, 3853)
blacksmith Call to Arms
(163.44’N 10.53’E 1478, 3857)
guilds Hand of Death
(161.43’N 7.48’E 1434, 3880)
Dock Jhelom Docks
(159.31’N 3.30’E 1373, 3905)

South Island

mage Jhelom Mage
(152.34’N 6.57’E 1422, 3984)
jeweler The Pearl of Jhelom
(152.45’N 8.30’E 1444, 3982)
Dock Jhelom Docks
(152.13’N 13.30’E 1515, 3988)
theater Performing Arts Centre
(150.07’N 6.57’E 1422, 4012)
tailor Jhelom’s Fine Tailor
(150.38’N 9.12’E 1454, 4006)
butcher Finest Cuts
(148.42’N 9.16’E 1455, 4028)