New Haven

New Haven

New Haven is a town unique to Trammel. Welcoming to new characters and centred mostly on training, the accelerated gain quests can be found there. In keeping with this ethos citizens requiring escort need only directions to elsewhere within the town’s environs.

In the town square is Sir Helper, directing players to the various training options.

The older, now abandoned and derelict, town found to the east is the original Haven. This is the main training area for the accelerated gain quests.

A public moongate is found south of the town (92.32’S 149.33’E 3450, 2677)

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Samurai Dojo
(69.47’S 153.29’E 3506,2418)
mage Necromancers
(73.18’S 156.52’E 35534, 2458)
mage New Haven Magery School
(76.38’S 151.27’E 3477, 2496)
eye Ninjitsu Dojo
(78.45’S 147.22’E 3419, 2520)
tinker Springs N Things
(79.16’S 150.07’E 3458, 2526)
inn Gentle Rest
(78.45’S 153.25’E 3505, 2520)
shrine Shrine
(78.45’S 154.53’E 3526, 2520)
reagents Reagent Shop
(79.37’S 152.34’E 3493,2530)
blacksmith Blacksmith
(80.04’S 154.41’E 3523, 2535)
tailor Finely Woven
(80.56’S 152.26’E 3491, 2545)
bowyer Bowyer
(79.58’S 155.36’E 3536, 2534)
blacksmith Forge and Anvil
(80.19’S 150.49’E 3468, 2538)
provisioner Bag of Many Things
(81.28’S 153,33’E 3507, 2551)
healer Healers of New Haven
(82.10’S 140.23’E 3462, 2559)
alchemy The Bottled Imp
(83.08’S 150.19’E 3461, 2570)
baker Bakery
(83.56’S 150.28’E 3463, 2579)
bank New Haven Bank
(83.13’S 152.00’E 3485, 2571)
stables Bit and Bridle
(83.40’S 154.45’E 3524, 2576)
shipwright New Haven Bay Port Authority
(84.59’S 152.26’E 3491, 2591)
theater The Proscenium
(83.52’S 147.01’E 3414, 2601)
leather Thick Hide
(86.07’S 149.16’E 3446, 2604)
carpenter The West Mill
(88.46’S 149.07’E 3444,2634)