One of two towns found in the Lost Lands, Delucia is at the south west limit of the region and is reached through an underground passage in mountains south west of Trinsic (148.47’S 22.55’E 1649, 3317). delucia-pass

The town is a boon to the clothing industry with sheep and cattle roaming both within the town limits, west of the healer and in a valley in the mountains slightly to the north.

There are no citizens of particular note other than its shopkeepers. The Inn, though functional, is in a somewhat neglected state of repair.

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Watch Tower and Keep
(72.41’S 61.56’W 5263, 3939)
bank Ye Olde Eleventh Bank
(76.33’S 61.22’W 5271, 3983)
mage Hut of Magics
(76.12’S 59.41’W 5295, 3979)
healer a Healer
(76.59’S 67.04’W 5190, 3988)
blacksmith Zoot’s Hammer
(78.13’S 64.28’W 5227, 4002)
stables Delucia Stable
(78.45’S 59.37’W 5296, 4008)
tailor Delucia Tailor
(79.53’S 63.54’W 5235, 4021)
inn The Barley Inn
(83.40’S 66.22’W 5200, 4064)
dungeon Passage to Trinsic
(83.35’S 70.01’W 5148, 4063)