Smallest of Britannia’s towns, no road leads to Cove and no moongate appears on the public moongate listing. It is almost totally surrounded by mountains and sea; the remaining small neck of land forming the entrance is walled and gated, protecting the town from any chance of incursions from the nearby Cove Orc Fort.

In addition to the few townspeople a number of visitors requiring escort can be found there and it is the home of Vela the Sorceress.

Shops and Public Buildings


eye Watch Tower
(44.49’N 62.26’E 2211, 1114)
blacksmith The Warrior’s Supplies
(39.54’N 62.51’E 2217, 1170)
provisioner The Farmer’s Market
(38.03’N 62.43’E 2215, 1191)
bank Cove Bank
(37.15’N 63.37’E 2228, 1200)
Dock Cove Docks
(39.01’N 65.31’E 2255, 1180)
healer The Healing Hand
(34.27’N 64.49’E 2245, 1232)