Buccaneer’s Den

Buccaneer’s Den

A pair of lawless isles, one in Felucca, one in Trammel. These are the abode of cutthroats and thieves. No guards can be found here and only a few hardy tradespersons. Residents of note are Sledge , found on the road between the bank and the bath house, Josef Skimmons, The Master Blacksmith at the Cutlass Smithing and Captain Blackheart,  in the Pirate’s Plunder Tavern. Leaving the isle on foot offers two options:

  • from Bucanneer’s Den, Felucca a public moongate can be found along the road between the tavern and the provisioner’s shop (53°36S 97°35’E 2711, 2234)
  • On both Facets an archway on the road beside the healer’s shop (45°10S 98°26’E 2723, 2138) leads to an matching arch at the junction of the roads from Minoc and Vesper towards Britain.

buccs-arch buccs-arch2

Shops and Public Buildings


blacksmith Cutlass Smithing
(40°20S 92°15’E 2635, 2083)
carpenter Violente Woodworks
(41°44S 91°45’E 2626, 2099)
eye The Buccaneer’s Bath
(40°52S 94°30’E 2667, 2089)
inn The Peg Leg Inn
(40°57S 98°00’E 2717, 2090)
healer Healer of Buccaneer’s Den
(44°28S 97°14’E 2706, 2130)
Dock Buccaneer’s Den Dock
(47°27S 100°15’E 2749, 2164)
leather Buccaneer’s Den Leatherworks
(48°46S 97°22’E 2708, 2179)
bank A Place Fer Yer Stuff
(49°28S 99°04’E 2732, 2187)
guilds Pirate’s Den
(50°00S 93°52’E 2658, 2193)
tavern The Pirate’s Plunder
(53°47S 93°12’E 2677, 2236)
provisioner Pirate’s Provisioner
(55°11S 99°25’E 2737, 2252)