The twin cities of Britain, one in Felucca and one in Trammel, are the seat of government for the Human race in Britannia; both historical and current. The castles of both Lord Britain and King Blackthorn are found within its environs. While the towns were initially identical, they have diverged over the years, however the principle trade establishments remain matched. The throne in Castle British is located at the compass point 0.00S 0.00E

Felucca Castle British was formerly the stronghold of the now disbanded True Britannians Faction and Britain remains one of the eight cities contested by Vice versus Virtue. The virtue most associated with Britain is Compassion, its opposing vice being Despise.

Trammel Britain is also one of nine cities, these cities have an elected governor chosen from and by the players under the Britannia Loyalty and Councils system.

In a reciprocal arrangement both cities have three officials attached to these systems. A Guard Captain and Minister of Trade both of relevance to the funding of the Governor’s office and a silver trader for Vice versus Virtue. The Guard Captain is found at a small guard tower just west of the main (West) bank. The Minister of Trade is found at the more easterly of the town’s two docks. The Silver Trader is found beside Premier Gems, the first shop east of the bank.

In front of the bank an arcane circle grants a bonus to groups of spellweavers casting an arcane focus upon it and nearby and close by are two further important NPCs, Clean Up Officers.

Points of Interest and Activities

In the North West of the city is found the Counsellor’s guild, the Trammel building is often the starting point for EM events. Also in the North West quadrant of the town is found the Britain Library with its Community Collection.

Adventure can be found near the city in the basement of King Blackthorn’s Castle or by navigating the underground passage through Britain’s sewers to Hopper’s Bog in the Lost Lands.

A number of quest giving NPCs are found around the town; some are simple escort quests, but others are Sarakki the Notary, Verity the Librarian, the three bards at the Conservatory of Music, Emilio the Tortured Artist, Evan the Beggar and Pepta the Royal Tastetester.

Fishing quests can also be obtained from the fishmonger found on the more westerly dock in both cities.

Shops and Public Buildings



Castle Britain Grounds

blacksmith The Lord’s Arms
(4°18’N 3°09’E 1368, 1575)
tailor Tailor
(2°27’N 4°38’E 1389, 1596)
stables Stables
(2°38’S 4°38’E 1389, 1654)

Upper West Britain

guilds Counselor Guild Hall
(9°08’N 12°43’E 1504, 1520)
inn The North Side Inn
(8°57’N 9°54’E 1464,1522)
blacksmith The Hammer and Anvil
(6°19’N 6°49’E 1420, 1552)
bard Lord British’s Conservatory
(6°03’N 9°08’E 1453, 1555)
leather The Best Hides Of Britain
(0°52’N 7°35’E 1432, 1614)
bowyer Quality Fletching

(3°46’N 10°15’E 1469, 1581)

stables The Bucking Horse Stables
(6°35’N 13°34’E 1516, 1549)
carpenter The Saw Horse
(2°22’N 7°48’E 1434, 1597)
guilds Merchant’s Guild
(2°11’N 10°37’E 1474, 1599)
baker Good Eats
(0°47’N 9°08’E 1453, 1615)
guilds The Miner’s Guild
(4°02’N 7°01’E 1423, 1578)
healer Healer of Britain
(0°58’N 10°32’E 1473, 1613)
eye Britannia Animal Care
(4°55’N 13°08’E 1510, 1568)
inn Sweet Dreams
(0°31’S 12°09’E 1496, 1618)
mage The Sorceror’s Delight
(6°24’N 11°52’E 1492, 1551)
blacksmith Strength and Steel
(3°20’N 11°23’E 1485, 1586)
theater The King’s Men Theater
(3°20’N 9°08’E 1453, 1586)
pin_green Britain Public Library
(2°06’N 6°19’E 1413, 1600)
dungeon Britain Sewers
+ T2A Entrance
(1°29’S 11°57’E 1493, 1641)

Lower West Britain

blacksmith Heavy Metal Armorer

(2°01’S 8°26’E 1443, 1647)

bank First Bank Of Britain
(5°21’S 7°18’E 1427, 1685)
alchemy Ethereal Goods
(2°59’S 12°18’E 1498, 1658)
provisioner Premier Provisioners and Fish Shop
(3°41’S 10°41’E 1475, 1666)
jeweler Premier Gems
(5°00’S 8°51’E 1449, 1681)
eye First Library of Britain
(8°05’S 12°01’E 1494, 1716)
tailor The Lord’s Clothiers
(5°42’S 10°20’E 1470, 1689)
shipwright The Oaken Oar
(11°15’S 6°57’E 1422, 1752)
butcher The Cleaver
(8°36’S 9°00’E 1451, 1722)
customs Customs
(10°22’S 10°49’E 1477, 1742)
tavern The Blue Boar
(5°32’S 11°52’E 1492, 1687)
tinker The Tinker’s Guild
(2°48’S 7°14’E 1426, 1656)
tavern The Cat’s Lair
(8°15’S 7°06’E 1424, 1718)
painter Artist’s Guild
(3°15’S 8°51’E 1449, 1661)
 bank Trammel Only
The Britain Commons
(7°22’S 10°24’E 1471, 1708)

East Britain

blacksmith Artistic Armor

(6°24’S 21°52’E 1634, 1697)
eye The Watch Tower
(11°57’S 20°44’E 1618, 1760)
mage Incantations and Enchantments
(2°32’S 18°59’E 1593, 1653)
eye Sage Advise
(6°56’S 17°43’E 1575, 1703)
jeweler A Girl’s best friend
(1°24’S 23°20’E 1655, 1640)
guilds Cavalry Guild

(5°37’N 18°16’E 1583, 1560)

tailor The Right Fit
(3°04’S 16°06’E 1552, 1659)
inn The Wayfarer’s Inn
(2°59’N 18°46’E 1590, 1590)
tavern The Salty Dog
(3°20’N 20°44’E 1618, 1586)
tavern The Unicorn’s Horn
(12°34’S 16°06’E 1552, 1767)
eye East Side Park
(0°05’S 19°53’E 1606, 1625)
bank East Britain Bank
(1°40’N 23°12’E 1653, 1605)
provisioner Profuse Provisions
(7°17’S 19°45’E 1604, 1707)
guilds Counselor Guild Hall
(3°04’S 21°35’E 1630, 1659)
eye The Chamber of Virtue
(2°11’N 15°45’E 1547, 1599)

Britain West

blacksmith Britain’s Blackblacksmith’s Guild

(13°26’S 2°15’E 1355, 1777)

stables Sosarian Steeds
(12°23’N 1°49’W1297, 1765)
guilds Warrior’s Guild
+ Training dummies
(9°45’S 1°24’E 1343, 1735)

Other Points of Interest



Lord Blackthorn’s Castle
+ Dungeon
(16°57’N 14°16’E 1526, 1431)
cemetery Cemetery
(13°11’N 3°05’E 1367, 1474)